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  2. The processor is just a part of the equation. You have 4 or 8 gigs of ram, he has 2. That makes a big difference.
  3. Your memory is low even just for a PC IMHO. If you could get it to at least 4 I'd bet you would see a big improvement. Windows is probably going to take at least a gig of memory, so you're not giving Hyperspin much room to work with.
  4. /Gold Member Downloads/~Extras/Transition Packs Have a good one.
  5. I just carry a gallon of Purell with quarters sprinkled about inside.
  6. Going to an arcade must be utter hell for you.
  7. Hate to ask a stupid question, but how do you clear it? I thought I did via the XML, but maybe I'm doing it wrong? Also refreshed the games list and audited the roms. I did Google this one as well!
  8. Thank you both for the info! I thought I was missing more than it turned out - but I did not know what PD stood for. Thanks for the it-which-shall-not-be-named-dotcom!
  9. I'd be interested in this info as well if someone more sources. Not sure what the PD tracker is, etc. Thank you.
  10. I'm looking forward to the ducumantairy.
  11. Thanks for the insight! I'll take a look and report back once a) I've gotten it working, or when I've been reduced to tears and a bucketful of expletives!
  12. Thanks for the info about the acceleration, I'll take a look. Most of my problems are outside of Mame - games like Burnout Paradise (I know, it's old but I love the crashes!) The spinner just flat-out doesn't work for turning left and right! I wish there was a way to, but I've yet to find it Thanks for paying attention to this post, btw. It was getting pretty low on the list!
  13. I picked up a TurboTwist 2 a while back (with the 7" mini-wheel) with the expectation that I could use it on racing games. However, as the wheel appears as a mouse I've found that that quite a few of the racing games I've got just don't work. I can control them fine with the joystick if I configure it that way, but that's not what I had in mind. Also, for some of the driving games that *do* work with the spinner I have found that the wheel is usually way too sensitive. What sensitivity levels have people found is useful for driving games?
  14. Thanks to both of you. Turned out to be a case of a couple of files going AWOL, after a reload from backup I was able to get it back up and running.
  15. I had everything running pretty much as I wanted, and then the entire system went kaput due to a SATA controller failure. After getting everything back up and running, I have found that I can no longer play some games, most notably Galaga. I get messages about "such-and-suchxx.bin not found" I've rebuilt the media a number of times, tried running the set against CLRMamePro, rebuilding, fixing. Any tips?
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