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  1. I got this figured out. Instead of using gamestream I am using a app called Kino console. It emulates a 360 controller on the server pc.
  2. I figured this was going to be the case. I wanted to do through gamestream so I can have a more central game server instead of having different shields with different game save etc.
  3. I am trying to use Hyperspin through gamestream on my shield tv. Hyperspin doesn't recognize the shield controller or the 360 controller through gamestream. HS works and recognizes the 360 fine when playing on the host PC.
  4. Yes, I'm having this same issue with using gamestream via an nvidia shield console. HS wont recognize the controller at all.
  5. I don't think you need to create another folder for Genre. You just need to be sure you have the Genre XML in the correct system database folder. I had some trouble with this at one time. I wanted to separate my pc engine, supergraphx, and turbographx. I created a Genre XML in the turbographx database dir. Inside that genre XML I put this: <game name="SuperGrafx 16"/> <game name="Pc-Engine"/> <game name="TurboGrafx 16"/> After I just had to make sure that I had individual XML docs titled: Supergraphix 16 Pc-Engine Turbographx 16 Each had their system specific games in them. Hope this helps S.
  6. I love this idea...I have posed a thread about a search feature before but I think that this would solve everyones problems. Even those who dont have a keyboard on their cabs.
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