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  1. Ok so after a bit of tinkering found that it was apps/tabs in the background. I toggled all startup apps off, i.e. processes that could be running in the background simultaneously. If MAME begins running like that for you, open task manager and close things you believe to be interfering. Seemed to work fine then. Cheers.
  2. No dice. Went into Rocket Launcher UI and toggled between Restore, Restore and click and false. All options result in same behavior. Ability to select and launch a Rom, upon exit and selection of another game.......nothing. Very frustrating.
  3. Hey all- Sorry if this has been addressed. Using build 1909 for Windows. Hyperspin functioning fine, can boot and select initial ROM and run, zero issues. When I back out or exit, upon attempting to select new ROM, nothing occurs? Anyone address this? Thanks- Sig
  4. This was listed as a "fix" however I also posted a thread about this. I updated to 2004 once I saw this thread, copied and pasted the sxs.dll from the Windows Old folder, nothing. Rolled back to 1909 a second time. No idea why this tends to cure some machines and not others.
  5. Update: This morning I rolled back to 1909 from "Big May Update" and all is well with Hyperspin again. Too bad really, I liked the new search bar function in the Windows update, nut not as much as emulators in my arcade cabinet. Someone please let me know if they figure the workaround/fix for Hyperspin with the new 2004 build. Cheers.
  6. Forgive me in advance if there is a thread already, but has anyone had issues with the "Big May Update" as it pertains to Hyperspin funtionality. I had Hyperspin working just fine on the prior version (1909) but once updated to 2004 build it will not launch. I understand this is a recurring issue after large updates, I have actually fixed this once before. As an FYI: 1.) Verified front end path in RocketLauncherUI 2.) Windows Defender and Firewall Off 3.) UAC off 4.) Exception made for Arcade Drive 5.) Verified Permissions Please help! Spent too many hours trying to figure it out and get it back up and running today! Thanks in Advance! Sig599
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