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  1. I figured it out! The machine had "Deep Freeze" installed. I had to use a program to crack the password and unfreeze it so the changes stuck.
  2. Problem with Aspect ratio, mame.ini with Hyperspin and RocketLauncher Hi all. I will be super brief: - Arcade machine running Hyperspin and RocketLauncher which I didn't set up - Games run at 16:9 unless I set "Keepaspect = 1" in C:\Hyperspin\Emulators\Mame\mame.ini - File seems to get re-created every time I boot the machine. I tried setting the file to read only but it still gets set to 0 when the machine boots again. Is there any way to know what is causing the file to be overwritten or any other way to solve this issue?
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