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  1. Hi everyone, I am stumped. I've had Rocketlauncher and Hyperspin working with MAME for a while. I wanted to get other emulators going so downloaded Retroarch and started with SNES. I have everything done and can play the first ten ROMS I downloaded for SNES. I downloaded about 20 more, and Hyperspin isn't seeing them. When I do a game audit in RLUI it only finds ten games. I can launch the games in Retroarch just fine - it just seems like Hyperspin/RL aren't finding them. I have 7z enabled. All the games are zip files and I haven't changed the name, downloaded from WOW roms. I have ROMS only checked in HQ, and I do have zip,7z for file extensions in both HQ and RL. Any ideas???usps tracking showbox speed test
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