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  1. That looks like a great one! I was able to find a PC executable after some searching, so for all intents and purposes...it definitely counts. I lost track counting all the game styles that SMB Crossover has. Really a good trailer.
  2. Old thread popped back up. After a year of tinkering with my cab, I've doubled the list! Some newer great cab games include Titan Attacks, Titan Souls, some Amiga/DOS games released on GoG (will require AHK/Keymapper), and more! Enjoy
  3. I've finally reached a point in my cabinet build where I am happy to show what I have made to the community! A big shoutout goes to the popular "Weecade" and Floriske.nl's (from ArcadeControls) cabinet designs. After reading Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, I was inspired to build a mame cabinet. Programming Hyperspin took the brunt of the time, but I want to focus on the physical build here. There are easily over 300 hours poured into this project (about 6 weeks of learning Hyperspin and another 6 weeks of woodworking on weekends or when I was able to get home a bit early from work). Mainly, this is because I have never made a single thing out of wood before. My first foray into carpentry allowed only 4 tools--jigsaw, dremel, sander, and powerdrill. I could only use what I could borrow or purchase but would also be able to be used on the back porch of my apartment. Perhaps my project can inspire you to tackle a cabinet creation if, like me, you have no access to a wood shop/garage that would allow a dedicated work space with a selection of tools. I chose birch plywood to be able to stain the sides. I wanted to emulate the classic early 80's retro feel with the wood paneling on most electronics of the era. A stain mixed with the off-white, Pong inspired color scheme offered just the look I desired. Also, everything was made on a budget! All parts came from eBay sellers, Goodwill trips, discount stores, etc. Without including the buttons/joysticks/I-Pac, this entire project cost under $200. The wood is cut. It felt like I just emptied the box of materials from an IKEA dresser. In order to ensure accuracy, I used a stencil on my first piece, then traced to cut piece for its mirrored side. The stencil was only used on half of the pieces. This approach allowed me to adapt to any errors/variations in my cuts. By the way, my hand was numb from sanding all of these pieces. Right away, my wife was impressed with the pieces, and began to appreciate my constant, "No, No. The mess isn't that bad." and understanding all the hours programming Hyperspin on the computer. As I stated eariler, my cuts were not entirely perfect. This happens when you choose you use a jigsaw for straight cuts over a table saw. The Dremel saved me on countless occasions. It was my rescue tool. In order to get a feel of the assembled product, I wanted a way to attach the pieces, but not permanently. Making custom wooden dowel pegs proved to be a great solution. These later also provided a very sturdy joint connections that forced 90 degree angles. Very happy with the result. The cabinet is born! I fell in love with Floriske.nl's "highchair-tray" control panel design. It gives me a compact bartop form factor all the while allowing more room for two to play at once. At this stage, I was beginning to get very excited, showing off my build and Hyperspin to any visitors that came over. From this point on it seemed that the woodworking time grew and progress shrank. Small cuts creating the acrylic and button holes seemed to be endless. This is also where I first had to use some trail and error. I went with 1/8" thick acrylic for the marquee and promptly snapped my sheet in half when cutting. A second try with a finer tooth jigsaw blade and, of course, my trusty dremel, did the trick. The buttonholes gave me some trouble too. I used birch plywood, so when I drilled with my spade bit, the underside of the cp would splinter and tear out. A good amount of sanding fixed this, but next time I would recommend using hardwood over plywood and a step bit (this was a drill press free project for me). Progress seemed to kick back into full gear again. I used an off-white acrylic paint for the bezel and control panel and an espresso colored Minwax oil-based stain. 3 coats of each gave a nice even and vibrant tone. The paint soaked in and dried up almost immediately (I live in a dry and hot Colorado), but even here, the stain took a full day to be ready for a 2nd coat and 48 hours to be ready for sanding. I pre sanded with 220 grit sanding block and sanded after coats 2 and 3 with a 320 grit block. For varnish, I used a Deft semi-gloss spray. Deft is amazing. By the time I coated the cabinet once, it was dry enough for a second coat. The artwork is in! I made the marquee by editing the cover art of Ready Player One and added borders for a retro loo--this proved to be perfect for my ability in Photoshop. I can't really create unique images, but I feel I am proficient at manipulating and editing premade images. The CP artwork is a direct adaptation of Floriske.nl's with minor changes to adapt to my unique layout. I love the Pong color scheme. The acrylic is 1/4" and I had to purchase a special bit called a step bit to drill out the holes. A spade bid wont cut it. Alas, this finished product. Minor touches were added here. Small speaker grills, rubber feet, USB front interface, etc. I am ecstatic that it came out even better than I envisioned. There is still work to do, and I will be posting images and details of some of the fun internal bits. Enjoy!
  4. Depending on your budget, I just went with a pair of PC speakers with an included A/C adapter. I don't have to fuss with adding an amp, and the speakers only cost $5 from a local donation center. I also put an adapter to add a couple more USB ports to a computer tower that also has Mic/Audio ports on the from of the cab. Combined, I spent under $15 for everything. I have 2 USB ports and an easy access headphone jack. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813999356 This is a bit nicer than the model I used, but is essentially the same idea. Excellent small form factor to sneak in the front underneath your control panel. It also allows essential easy access to plugging in a mouse/keyboard (if one isn't designed to always be with the build--mine is a bartop)
  5. Keep all your database files as "MAME." The only change you will make are aesthetic ones (artwork/visual--frontend). Download the "Arcade Classics" theme and simply rename it to "MAME.zip" along with the wheel art. Hyperspin defaults to run all arcade games through MAME, so keep that as is to lessen your configuration steps. Just get a different wheel and theme artwork!
  6. I prefer the "Arcade Classics" theme. When showing visitors my arcade cabinet, very few real-world friends have any idea about the meaning of MAME. "Arcade Classics" is an easier concept to grasp. Better title, better reception. Everyone knows what it is and what to expect.
  7. Added cnoblen and njgx96's recommendations. I will add brief descriptions for each title and other tidbits for the game list!
  8. Edited to change direction of topic to a community list of games that work well in an arcade cab
  9. I was looking for a way to purchase a version of Fix it Feliz Jr with no luck. Were you able to find it? Terrordrome looks hilariously great!
  10. I've been gathering a list of the best PC games that would play well on an arcade cabinet. Luckily, with the indie scene currently focusing so heavily on 8 and 16 bit graphics, several of these are quick-play, 2D, one or two button controlled games--great for an arcade cabinet! I'm looking for games that will easily work with a standard 2-player cab (1 Joystick and 6 Buttons per player). Keep in mind, the fewer needed controls, the better. -Able to control with 1 joystick (the 2p joystick is available for twin stick shooters) -Minimal button requirements (ideally the standard 3 button shoot, jump, special attack style of controls) -No online requirements -No keyboard requirements (Able to be entirely controlled via the control panel) -2 Player is a bonus -Doesn't require a demanding computer (Most of us use a 2nd or older system to power our cabinets, unless you have quite the powerful setup in your cabinet!) ---All recommended PC games run on an Indel HD 3000/4000 integrated GPU. I am able to play these on my laptop (i5 2nd Generation). Here is the list we have gathered so far. I need your help to find more! (Bold font games come highly recommended. They are well done and "arcade-type" in nature.) Recommended PC Games A-Men, The Abobo's Big Adventure Abyss Odyssey Alien Breed (Amiga version from GoG) Alien Breed-Tower Assault (Amiga version from GoG) Another World (Classic Remake) Aqua Milk Kitty Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Awesomenauts Bastion BatMan (Classic Remake) Binding of Isaac, The Bionic Commando - Rearmed BIT.TRIP RUNNER BIT.TRIP RUNNER 2 BloodRayne Betrayal Braid Broforce Castle Crashers Castelvania II - Simon's Quest Revamped (Classic Remake-ish) Chiken Invaders Choplifter HD (Classic Remake) Contra Revolution (Classic Remake) Crawl Defenstar Donkey-Me (Classic Remake) Double Dragon Neon Ducktales (Classic Remake) Dungeons and Dragons HD Chronicles of Mystara Dust: An Elysian Tail Dusty's Revenge Element4l Ether Vapor Fez Fist Puncher Fix It Felix Jr. Flashback HD (Classic Remake) Geometry Wars - Retro Evolved Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams Gigantic Army Hotline Miami (Twinstick) Ikaruga Inescapable Jamestown La-Mulana Life Goes On Limbo Luftrausers Maldita Castilla Mark of the Ninja Mercenary Kings Metal Slug PC Collection Metroid Confrontation (Classic Remake-ish) Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion (Classic Remake) Nidhogg PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ --Must Have Peggle Deluxe (Tricky to configure to joystick, but worth it. This goes for most PopCap games) Pinball Arcade Pinball FX2 Plants vs. Zombies Proun Raiden III Raiden Legacy Refender (Classic Remake-ish Defender) Retro City Rampage Rock of Ages Rocket Knight (Classic Remake) Rogue Legacy Rollers of the Realm Samurai Gunn (Very similar to Towerfall Ascension) Shank Shank 2 Shantae - Risky's Revenge Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Shovel Knight Sine Mora Skull Girls Spelunky HD Sonic 4 Episode I Sonic 4 Episode II Stealth Bastard Street Figher X Megaman Street Fighter X Tekken Streets of Rage Remake (Classic Remake) Strider 2014 (Classic Remake-ish) Super Mario Bros. X Super Meat Boy Super Street Fighter IV (Really all fighters are fantastic. SSF IV runs on just about any machine, so it makes a great base addition) Syder Arcade Terrordrome Teslagrad Tiny Barbarian DX Titan Attacks! Titan Souls Toki Tori 2 Plus Towerfall Ascension (Great in 2-player cab) Trace Vector Trine Trine 2 Unepic Volgarr the Viking Vector Wizorb You Have to Win the Game More PC Games... (Will require a mid-level or greater GPU and/or CPU--check the system requirements) Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate BloodRayne Betrayal Injustice: Gods Among Us Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Rayman Origins Rayman Legends What games would you add?
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