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  1. Hi everyone. I've finally started my first build and wondering if anyone has ever seen or made a control box that is hinged (folds out). I want something that is hidden but folds down when in use. I'm pretty sure the way to go is a V shape box that rotates at the bottom of the V, similar to some shoe cabinets. Any help or photos would be appreciated if you have any. Thanks, TC
  2. Well, I would never have solved that one in a million years, I installed a sound card and now it's all working as it should Thank you everyone for your help. Is this bug fixed in the newer versions?
  3. Hey thanks guys, very interesting that you mention the sound device, the PC I'm trying it on doesn't have one installed. Will give this a go and get back to you
  4. I've recently come back to my working set-up and all seems well until I try to select a system on the main wheel - it simply returns me back to main wheel rather than the sub-wheel. I also try to exit but the exit menu is not visible, yet I can still exit with the correct key pushes. Can anybody help please?
  5. Just out of interest, what are the systems/games that you don't see very often on Hyperspin wheels? Some that I've seen are Nintendo Game&Watch, Casino, Ultrastar Deluxe, APF, Vectrex and the Doctor Who Adventure Games.
  6. If you put Game and Watch Hyperspin into youtube, you can see the video and there are download links. I would put them on the ftp but they aren't my work. I'd like to see the set-ups rfancella, do you have any videos / downloads?
  7. Hi, I was inspired to give Hyperspin another try by a video on youtube of a Nintendo Game & Watch wheel. It looks really impressive, well worth searching for. Has anyone tried this or other electronic hand held games (pre-DS, PSP)? I'm hoping to get the Tomy/Tomytronic 3D, Casio watch games and some of the old LCD systems on my set-up (see the excellent handheldempire or handheldmuseum websites for more info!)
  8. Thanks Craig. I will make videos of them, the Dragon was my first computer (then Spectrum, C64, Amiga and PS1), so I intend to get these sorted first. Having said that, I'm brand new to Hyperspin and I'm struggling so far. As soon as I get HS set-up, I will start on all the 'nice' things like making a complete collection of videos for the forgotten Welsh computer.
  9. Thank you Craig, that is exactly the answer I was praying for! That's a great website - it has inspired me to commit to getting it up and running and trying some of the others you have (Sinclair ZX81 wow not even considered that one) Are there videos for these on EmuMovies? If so, are they any good? I'm going to join if there are
  10. Hello everyone in the Hyperspin community. This is my first post, so please be gentle with me. I am looking to set up a machine with Hyperspin and the fairly common Commodore, MAME, Nintendo emulators but would really like to incorporate the Dragon 32/64 (often grouped with the Coco computer). XROAR is the emulator (MESS can be used but I'm not keen). I'm asking because I haven't yet started my set up and gone through the steep Hyperspin learning curve and if I can't include the Dragon, I may try other options. I am willing to do the hard work like record the game videos, etc. as I can't find a wheel or any videos for it. I would obviously share when it was all done. Is it possible or should I give-up on this one?
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