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  1. Hello, so I'm having difficulty getting the wiimotes buttons to register when trying to map. I have the dolphin bar set to two and its picking up movement. I just can't get any buttons to register. Please advise. Thank you!
  2. Multiple system wheel? Possible on Android? Or a dream?
  3. If someone can guide me through fixing one wheel. I will be able to do the rest myself. Teach this man to fish, please. I will be forever grateful and will be sure to pay it forward.
  4. Haha so you're saying is because I made a mistake and now that I'd like to learn that there is nobody to help. I paid very little to download the drive off cloud. The guy selling it was useless, I actually realized that he copy and pasted much of the information in here to sell with his HDD. I can copy my themes in here etc. There are numerous. I was blind, but now I see!
  5. Hello, so I've got an Nvidia system that works fairly well. I've decided to add a variety of wheels and themes, mostly collection based but am having issues. The videos and main wheel slider picture all work. When I enter the wheels, it's a black background. I can scroll through list but when I click on the roms, I am given an error that rom path does not exist. I'm new to the shield and hyperspin. I am learning but can't figure out all this .Ini and .xml stuff. Do the .ini and themes have to be configured for them to work? If so, I am going to need some help getting these .ini files set up. Before, I was just taken to a black screen without a game list. Now, at least I have a game list. I copy and pasted a wheel with a collection that did work. I probably got lucky. Progress! I'm new. Please be nice haha. Issues 1. Black background when entering wheels. Help configuring pictures and videos. Possible my themes have them preexisting and I am just having a configuring issue. 2. The rom paths within the wheels say that the directory does not exist.
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