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  1. Hi guys, Currently been furloughed and looking to keep busy and am looking into building a cocktail table arcade machine so when we go back to normal we have a new toy for myself and the lads to play pre party time :) I have so far built the PC under windows 7 x86 and it works well with an i5 quad core and 4gb ram, mapping the controls and setting up cocktail modes arent an issue, but the main bit I am trying to achieve is a nice front end that is fairly simple. What Id like if possible is a version of Hyperspin without all the consoles etc, just with a list of the 20 odd games I am looking to run with MAME, so we have a nicely polished arcade box for high score tag teams and VS mode fun when we are together as a group. Do I need to download a complete hyperspin and cut away the extra bits I dont need, or is there a smaller version I should download where I can load into the few games I wish to see? Thanks J
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