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  1. Nice one Honosuseri!! A majour task to take on but like you said to make sure it's done properly only one person should do it but I'm sure if you needed help there's a few of us on here who could help in some way. So to load the final results, if Amiberri is never ported to sheild, we'd have to load each game the way you showed on previous videos using Workbench? Good luck with it & keep us posted how you're progressing. Have a great XMas!!
  2. Ok So what Arcade ( FB Alpha) do you sudgest I use Arcade (FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo)? Then like you said switch the Bios from AES & MVS for each game to see what works best & save that option per game? Thanks thatman84!
  3. All my ROMs are .zips I used to use WinKawaks on the PC which worked great. So what core to use in RetroArch? Arcade (FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo)? There's quite a few on there now or Arcade (MAME), Arcade (MAME 2016) etc?? Will FB Alpha use .Zips? So AES is just the Bios file that the core uses? I've got the AES Bios so that would make sense I just need a good core to use. Thanks
  4. I'm about to start on my Neo Geo setup, I read THATMAN84's post on working systems & he sudgested using MAME or AES? I can't find the AES on the cores download list to load in RetroArch, have they re named it? Do you still recomend using AES? Anyone recomend anything? Thanks Steve
  5. StevieMac


    Has anyone got a good setup for the C64 & C16? On my PC Hyperspin I used WinVICE for C64 & C16 but Ive seen Frodo being used & I'm not sure weather to install the two seperate Cores in RetroArch VICE C64 VICE Plus4 If I do add these cores what do I need to add to the settings.ini files in Hyperspin to find the cores I've added? Thanks guys Steve
  6. Actually I've just tried the pad & the one that is working now has the flashing 4 lights again so I've no idea what I'm doing wrong it was working this morning!
  7. Yeah you have to go to Settings - Add accessory - then hit the PS button on the pad to get it into Blutooth search - then I plugged it in & it connected. But doing it various other ways on the old pad I've been asked for a PS number for the pad or it works plugged in then works through bluetooth but when you restart it disapears from the list & you have to re pair it. Sometimes the full name comes up or just says connected sometimes it comes up on the list of things to connect soemtimes it just works even though it never appears on the connection list.
  8. Ok I updated to Oreo (poo new layout). I tried to install my PS3 pad & got the same result of the 4 flashing lights so I tried my other pad. This time the other pad worked & conected but the name wasn't Playstation3(sixaxis) it was just conected where the other pad came up with a full name but didn't work! So a bit confusing but it seems to be working with the other pad fine now although no lights come up on the working pad but I guess thats ok. I just renamed the working pad to PS3_1 but I still couldn't connect the old pad correctly. I tried resetting it & connecting back to my PS3 but still the same result so no idea. At least one is working now. Thanks
  9. Great then I'll upate later this week then, & confirm this works. Thanks for the info
  10. Ah so Oreo might fix this as that's how it should work! When you get the TV back can you check please mate as I haven't updated yet.
  11. thatman - what do you mean by ' and I always turn it off not not caused me any issues. ' Do you mean turn the pad off? How do you turn it off the little button underneath? Thanks
  12. I've just got my PS1 setup on the Shield TV & I've got Final Fantasy IX but it has 4 disks. So I've set this up using the folder trick but now have 4 games in my list one for each disk of FFIX is this the best way for it to work? The first disk works but whop know's when I need to swap to disk 2 if Hyperspin knows what to do or gives an option to link to it? Has anyone checked what happens? Is there an option like in UAE where you add multiple disks in one file? Thanks
  13. Hey Guys I know this isn't really a Hyperspin problem but I was hopeing someone has set up their PS3 controller on the shield without the problems I'm having. I can get the pad working fine with everything plugged in or using Bluetooth (HyperSpin, KODI, etc) but the red lights are constantly flashing (trying to link to something?) if I turn off my Shiled the lights carry on flashing until the battery dies in the controller. Is this normal? When I turn on the Shield TV after the lights go out (the following day) I have to re plug in the controller using the USB & re connect it all over again which is a pain each time I want to use it as a normal navigation control. Thanks for the help
  14. Ok well done as always mate I found a space between the track names which wasn't in the cue file. Also looked online & cleaned up the cue file a bit as there were a few things that didn't look right. Nice one guys
  15. Ok re-named the file & got the MegaCD load music & the sonic jingle music which wern't working before. but the Title screen & in game music still don't load. I checked the Sonic CD (USA) (Track 01 of 35).cue file & found it had the wrong names for the files inside so I cahnged them to what I have e.g. Sonic CD (USA) (Track 01 of 35).cue FILE "Sonic CD (1993)(Sega)(PAL)(Track 01 of 35)[!].iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 To FILE "Sonic CD (USA)(Track 01 of 35).iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 Since thats the names of my files but that didn't work either. I've also noticed the index for the audio files are the same it this correct? FILE "Sonic CD (USA)(Track 01 of 35).iso" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "Sonic CD (1993)(Sega)(PAL)(Track 02 of 35).wav" WAVE TRACK 02 AUDIO PREGAP 00:02:00 INDEX 01 00:00:00 FILE "Sonic CD (USA)(Track 03 of 35).wav" WAVE TRACK 03 AUDIO INDEX 00 00:00:00 INDEX 01 00:02:00 FILE "Sonic CD (USA)(Track 04 of 35).wav" WAVE TRACK 04 AUDIO INDEX 00 00:00:00 INDEX 01 00:02:00 FILE "Sonic CD (USA)(Track 05 of 35).wav" WAVE TRACK 05 AUDIO INDEX 00 00:00:00 INDEX 01 00:02:00 etc
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