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  1. Nice one Honosuseri!!
    A majour task to take on but like you said to make sure it's done properly only one person should do it but I'm sure if you needed help there's a few of us on here who could help in some way.

    So to load the final results, if Amiberri is never ported to sheild, we'd have to load each game the way you showed on previous videos using Workbench?
    Good luck with it & keep us posted how you're progressing.

    Have a great XMas!!

  2. Ok great I don't have loads of games anyway just the ones I own.  But I'm happy to wait as there's other systems to setup.  I just read the whole thread & then saw everything just stopped & Hono has taken down his vids which were explaining things.

    So just wanted to keep the thread going.

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