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  1. You can record what you have done? In the proximal and distal perspectives and insert For instance on YouTube? Once again, good job. I look forward to the end. Colleagues in Poland are also delighted.
  2. As I have access is a metal parts, zboię something very similar like this. At the moment I can only do with wood. http://simracing.pl/forum/f154/butcher-3000-a-15003/
  3. Good contrast for black color ther is white and orangoe or red How I find, inserting photo with nice cockpit with black elements. (sorry my bad english/not usin translator for this post)
  4. It looks great. I will be remaking old desk, I have a lot of boards with furniture and will use them. My cockpit is smaller because I have little space in your home. And I'll take the seat of a passenger car. Thanks for the pictures.
  5. Can you send a photo from the side? I want to see the distance between the seat and steering wheel height.
  6. Fantastic job man:top:. How much money you spent on it? I live in Poland and I wanted to build something like this, so That the steering wheel or the Logitech Thrustmaster T500RS, depending on how much cash I have. Would build only the cockpit. I'm sorry I use a translator.
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