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  1. Starting to get the hang of this got hyperspin running no idea how, systems all look good, a lot work with the arcade console but most need to add usb controller ive got a couple of x box ones and 4 playstation pads only made a couple of usb connector in the front for now for 2 player will add more later can also use for light guns Problem i now have which is really annoying commodore games start up okay but i cant start them it goes into a sort of instruction page only space bar works which i cant get out of, 1 game which didnt do it and worked was (Squirm) really dont know what to try to be honest any ideas i can try thanks for help Still have to add flight stick, always something to do
  2. Ive been building an arcade machine (proper noob) getting there learning all the time, worked out how to go straight to hyper spin on start up but i need to open Rocket launcher and joy to key _Default for mame to recognise controls. tried pining Joy to key to start and open at start but every time i have to come out and select before it work. Can anybody give me some ideas to check or procedure to correct to get working. Will continue my search for the answer Many Thanks 😍
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