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  1. Yeah, quite a few tables have been released and or updated. The first post could use an update, and perhaps have it sorted in alphabetical order? Or maybe date order is fine... Best Regards, Todd.
  2. On the next release, I'll probably set the slope to 7 (as was recommended by another vp forums member) and the plunger release speed to 140, which seems to be a better release speed witht he slope at 7... but, I'll be testing this more and waiting for more comments before making a final decision. Best Regards, Todd.
  3. I don't know the 'rules' behind posting a table release here so I'll just let folks know that I've uploaded my table in 16x9 FS mode to vp forums dot org. I don't use Hyperpin myself (yet) as I don't have a cabinet built, but I do have a monitor stand and rotate my 22" widescreen to be able to play 16x9 FS tables. I will be updating the download with a new version in a few days with fixes for bugs etc. Here is the link to the current release. Galaxy - Stern - 1980 Best Regards, Todd.
  4. I did post this screeny a few days ago at VPForums and in my anxiety of learning GI Lighting from UW I forgot to update the post here. doh!! I am having trouble with the table Light that swaps out the dark playfield image with the GI Lit playfield. As soon as unclewilly gets back to me with the fix I'll start working on converting the table to 16x9 fullscreen mode. Once both the 4x3 and 16x9FS are ready I'll upload them and post the links. Best Regards, Todd.
  5. Here is WIP screeny for everyone: Yes, it looks kind of like the VP8 version, but just put that down to my n00bness! The table is fully working with the script coded from the VP8 version which seems to work flawlessly with only a few minor tweaks I hope UW can spare some time away from CFTBL to give me some pointers how to darken the playfield and create the GI lighting. Best Regards, Todd.
  6. Thank you for the offer UW, and I will definitely take you up on it! I am in the 90's Workshop over at VP Forums dot com and sadly there have been some real life issues interrupting the tutorials. (I'd really love to get that ID4 table finished!) So things like GI lighting and darkening the playfield are things I need to find out how to do. I'm using the GIMP because I can't afford Photoshop and I hope I can pull off some of the things you mentioned using it. Best Regards, Todd.
  7. Hi All, I just wanted to show a bit of progress. Here is a screeny. This is my first table that I will be releasing publicly so please be gentle. "][/url] Best Regards, Todd.
  8. Martin gave me permission to use the artwork from his FP version of Galaxy as long as I provide him with the credit. Also, the play-field in your attachment is from the 1.0 version (notice that "Collect Bonus" is spelled incorrectly). You can download version 1.10 to get the updated play-field. As soon as I get my notebook back in working order after updating to Win7 Ultimate I will continue working on Galaxy. Thanks for the suggestion!! Best Regards, Todd.
  9. Thank you Strangeleo, I have sent a PM to Martin. Best Regards, Todd.
  10. I am looking for a stripped Playfield of Stern's Galaxy (1980) to build a VP9 (angle independent) version. If anyone has a link to a good playfield image (better than the one inside the VP8 release) please let me know, I want to redraw it. Thank you. Best Regards, Todd.
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