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  1. I've been searching for these awesome looking instruction cards FOR YEARS and have not found them. If anyone has these files please let me know, I've contacted the guy who originally made them (Marlon Lopez) several times but he's never responded. For anyone wondering what I'm referring to, please visit this link: http://www.mmg1design.com/blog/instruction-cards-for-mortal-kombat-and-other-arcade-titles/
  2. This is in conjunction with Rocket Launcher though. The current command line is sending RocketLauncher.exe [some rom] [some system] when rocketlauncher needs to take the arguments the other way around or give it a option -r or -s
  3. Hello! I am trying to feed the proper command line into hyperhq to get Hyperspin to work correctly with the "roms only" filter enabled. Is there anyway to manualy adjust the order of parameters hyperhq receives for the command line? Particularly for the roms directory.
  4. Also looking for this, is there anyway to access this content still?
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