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  1. Hi Spawk, i have to admit i had someone set hyperspin up for my on my PC as i'm a real novice , but i'm no longer able to get hold of them to help me out, so please forgive me if my questions if they seem strange! What is RL? Where should i check to see if i have .net.x and visual C+ libraries installed ? Many Thanks
  2. Can anyone help please? I am a real novice with Hyperspin! My hyperspin used to load fine but now just wont open up!. I have since i last opened it up successfully updated the drivers, firmware and Windows on my PC to latest versions. I updated my Win 10 to the 2004 ver . I have tried the latest fix for Win 10 2004 on the putting the .dll file in the hyperspin.exe folder but no luck.Should i try to re install?
  3. Many Thanks Spawk. I have rebooted the PC a few times but no luck. I held onto updating Windows for a while but then wanted to use an oculus rift S on my PC which i was having trouble with and was told to update my windows. I did that and it fixed the Oculus issue but now cant get Hyperspin to load since!!!
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  5. Sorry hope you dont mind me coming on your post but i've got exactly the same issue ,i cant get it to load after latest Windows update. I've done the sxs.dll update but still no luck. How many attempts did it take before it worked for you? Many Thanks
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