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  1. Ive already done it... Manually, the entire list. I went into the mame program folder and used the file that it uses to determine what games use what buttons... and extracted all the key points of info. Did a compare against what was missing, then manually merged the two files. Then compiled lists of games that use 1 to 8 or more buttons. Made one specific color profile for each one, then merged that into the file that I created. The copied in the lists to the colors.ini file. Took me about 10 hours. Im removing the link now.
  2. I just updated the list with the MAME descriptions! Please take the time to Look over, and just add what you know!
  3. DONE!!!! --- Admins can lock this thread please Ive created a MAME Game text list on the following link thats missing from the LEDBlinky Colors.ini file. I intend of filling out LEDBlinky with as many games as I can. Just take a quick look at the list, and if you recognize a game and know how many buttons it uses, put the following below the game: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 etc After I know how many buttons each game uses. Ill create a new Colors.ini after I customize the colors. And add it to LEDBlinky, and share the file here for everybody to get. This is purely a list of ONLY WHAT IS MISSING FROM THE COLORS.INI FILE, And represents the MAME.xml based on whats playable.
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