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  1. Oh you think thats where I messed up? I actually did this due to watching ytube tutorials and one guy underlined it was important to have everything running in RocketLauncher before you even started thinking of messing with HQ if you wanted everything running properly. Guess that was off then? I look forward to your PM Spawk, I am curious if theres any rescuing this mess 😕 I cant believe your patience mate but I appreciate it!
  2. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words mate! Yes I have set up MAME and it launches within RL when I highlight a game and hit the little rocket icon. However some systems launch in RL and not in HS. I'm trying to set up all systems listed in "stock" RocketLauncher system meny so they all end up somewhere if I build a cabinet, and I figured I'd set them all up in RL first before I start getting in to the next step with HS/HQ. I got some launching within RL and the little rocket icon, I have not set up buttons/controls, trying systems on HyperSpin now to respond to your question. I am wrestling with the below systems and from HS launcher it is with various success; Atari 2600 - HS Yes Atari 5200 - HS gives missing roms Atari 7800 - HS Yes Atari Lynx - HS Yes Daphne - HS Various Errors, Daphne has an error, Daphne cannot find "txt" etc MAME - HS Yes NEC TurboGrafx-16 - HS Cannot find "# # # BackupOriginal NEC TurboGrafx-16.exe" Nintendo 64 - HS Yes Nintendo Entertainment System - HS launches but no sound Nintendo Game Boy Advance - HS Yes Nintendo GameCube - HS Yes Panasonic 3DO - Not started with this one yet Pinball FX3 - HS Stuck at "Connecting..." Sega 32X - HS Yes Sega CD - HS Cannot open 7z for Sega CD RetroArch can only open Cue Bin and ISO for Sega CD Sega DreamCast - HS Your LibRetro_DCAST dll is set to reicast_libretro but could not locate this file: X:\HyperSpin\Emulators\RetroArch\cores\reicast_libretro.dll Sega Game Gear - Cannot find Rom with gg (asf) extension, gg is the extension of the roms and is listed so I dunno why it says this? Sega Genesis - HS Yes Sega Master System - HS Cannot find Roms in any folder provided Sega Model 2 - Not found and set up the correct emulator Sinclair ZX Spectrum - HS Yes SNK Neo Geo - Not started on this one SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - Not started on this one Sony Playstation - HS missing roms Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Cannot find Roms ZX Spectrum - HS Yes, this is a parallell install to the same Sinclair ZX Spectrum, both working Thats pretty much where I'm at, notice that they seem to launch in HS but I have not set up buttons to hit the start button when they seemingly launch so with reservations... to sum it up there are some error messages that confuses me like the LibRetro_DCAST dll set to blabla, and Connecting... and why the gg games are not recognized... *sigh* My single braincell is put on cue with all the stuff in need of fixing.
  3. Spawk: - Any progress? - No sadly no progress, I shut eye 3hrs and went back at it, still at an mexican stand-off with HS/RL and NEC TurboGrafx-16. Spawk: - Is this a brand new setup? Arcade cab or gamepad type? - I dream about building an Arcade cabinet and posting the build project here if I am not to embarrassed of it, but I wanted to check if I could install the software first so this is in my main rig so for now it is keyboard and an ancient rumblepad to try padware. Regarding the Arcade build I have gathered a decent PC, a LCD and I modest budget (nill, haha) I have written a company in the UK about buttons last week, asking prices on sticks and whatever I need for a complete build, waiting for a reply right now. So the Arcade build will be real stick/ball & buttons. Unfortunately I am a total software dummy. On the buildside I have this weird hobby and basically when I cant sleep (damaged spine & insomnia due to pain) I fumble stuff together so I think making an Arcade Cabinet could be in my reach. I have some pretty wild ideas, maybe end up with more than one cabinet?!? It's nothing breathtaking and I doubt it is to interesting but I'm guilty of stuff like this; and I hope theres enough hope from those experiences that I possible could put a modest cabinet together with a few bucks, some basic tools and modest knowledge. Sorry if that was to long or to much nfo, but thats the circumstances in reply to your question. So a little keyboard/gamepad and hopefully much stick, balls, lightguns and lotsa buttons! Spawk: -While I am on the subject of "audit green", RL's audit is merely a filename checker, it's no guarantee that a specific game will run properly or anything. - I did not know about the "green audit" basically being a filename checker and not a guarantee for anything. Spawk: - I am unclear what exactly you were doing with the merge stuff. Even the highly dated XML on HyperList should match up pretty closely to a current romset except for maybe a couple of spelling mistakes/name changes. Most games should audit green without changing anything at all. - Sort of, only about 80 games popped up in the audit list. So I moved the greenlit games and created a new .xml with Dons Toolkit, then I used the additional tool for merging the old and the new .xml in to one. (I named it so it would not overwrite the old one and would pop out and be easy to find on my OS drive.) And suddenly I had something like 327? working games that would start up in RocketLauncher if I just highlighted a title and hit the little Rocket icon/symbol. So the merging stuff was my noobie assumption that was something close to "the way" of real pros here. Dunno if I mocked anything up, I have tried using the original .xmls and the latest corresponding hyperlist download, also a few from ytube dl's such as Austin's asf. But nothing, still searches for an obviously non existing .exe named after the temporarily named .xml I created with Don's Toolkit 😕 Spawk: -Ideally for a HS setup, all your XML's are in the HS/Databases folder structure. Never in the RL folder structure which it may have been looking for if you had the plugin set to RL? - All my .xml's are in the HyperSpin/Database folder structure, I tried best as I could following the instruction videos here on HS homepage/ytube and not fumble things up to much. I have not put anything except some necessary .ahk's for some systems in RL's corresponding file structure directory. Spawk: -Never set the "Executable" path in HQ for anything ever. We simply point to RL and it does all launching. If you had a path in here at one point, you may want to open "NEC Turbografx-16.ini" in a text editor and make sure it isn't there... even though you may have deleted it in the HQ UI just to be sure. - Can I delete the NEC TurboGrafx-16.ini through HyperHQ? I dont see the weird "missing" "# # # BackupOriginal TurboGrafx-16.exe" in the .ini... Spawk: -Only reason to put anything in these HQ spots is because you want to use the "roms only" filter. Otherwise everything can be left blank. Sounds like you are looking for 100% green audit so... you are not really filtering anything anyway. All the real rompaths are set in RLUI. What emulator you use might be kind of irrelevant until you sort the above out. - Toggled both BizHawk/EmuHawk.exe and RetroArch. Still get the weird lack of an .ini named after my temporarily named .xml using Don's Tools. Spawk: -You do want to load these games up in the emulators themselves outside of RL/HS first to make sure everything does in fact work. I have no idea what EmuHawk or DiscoHawk are, I don't see modules for them but you can set the path to BizHawk (and all other emulators) here: Confused Noob: - Yep, I set the paths for respective emulators in this tab (Yours above, mine below) Confused Noob: - Also the EmuHawk.exe in the BizHawk emulator folder is this stuff, Confused Noob: - Any ideas my friend? Thanks for staying with me and guiding me through this Spawk, much much appreciated!
  4. Yep, but I don't understand why it says "not using hyperlaunch" and where I should have set RocketLauncher? Thanks for staying with me Spawk, and giving great advice at where and what to check. Screendumps below of my settings, pherhaps I am missing something obvious? Do you see anything below thats off? I have tried toggling "roms only" on/off, nothing changes with that one. (Thanks for confirming thats a possible error source) Not setting extensions/ex, what precisely does this entail? I noobily thought it meant not set Executable, speaking of which I run BizHawk 2.6 recommended by ytube for NEC TurboGrafx-16, however in the Emu folder there is no BizHawk.se but instead EmuHawk.exe & DiscoHawk.exe (All other Emulators has an .exe named after the emulator in Q pretty upstraight with the exception of a sparsely "x64" addendum.)
  5. Thanks for the link Spawk, Default Plugin was set to RocketLauncher, followed the yellow highlight and changed it to HyperSpin. Rest looks identical far as I can see... (There is a "NEC TurboGrafx-16.ini" in X:\HyperSpin\Settings folder) I still have the same error message; Cannot find "# # # OrginalAktuell_NEC TurboGrafx-16.ini" (I made a .xml database file with that name using "Don's HyperSpin Tools", but I cannot for my life figure out how that titled .xml name ended up as an error missing .ini ?!?) Been wrestling with this basically non-stop since I posted here, even started randomly opening files in notepad trying to find where the #3¡¡ that .ini name and directory got etched in stone in hopes of re-directing that mμth@ fμqλ3μr and get the Tμrbo-$#*! running... but I got nothing except a creeping suspicion my head might pop like Michael Ironside in Scanners. (Pardon the greek αlphaβet) I need you mates, this is beyond me, any ideas Spawk? And hey, thanks man for trying to help out, I appreciate your time and effort! The log.txt says; 07:55:53 PM | HyperSpin Started 07:55:53 PM | Going windowed mode 07:55:53 PM | Checking for updates 07:55:53 PM | Update Check Complete 07:55:53 PM | Startup program unavailable 07:55:53 PM | Playing intro video 07:55:57 PM | Error intializing joysticks 07:55:57 PM | Menu Mode is multi 07:55:57 PM | Loading Main Menu.xml 07:55:57 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 07:55:58 PM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 07:55:59 PM | Loading NEC TurboGrafx-16.xml 07:55:59 PM | roms_only is true, checking files 07:55:59 PM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 07:56:00 PM | NEC TurboGrafx-16 wheel loaded successfully 07:56:00 PM | Launching Game 07:56:00 PM | Using alternate exe # # # OrginalAktuell_NEC TurboGrafx-16 07:56:00 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:00:41 PM | Launching Game 08:00:41 PM | Using alternate exe # # # OrginalAktuell_NEC TurboGrafx-16 08:00:41 PM | Not using HyperLaunch 08:00:53 PM | Quiting Hyperspin 08:00:53 PM | Bye!
  6. Hi forumfriends, When I start Hyperspin and choose "NEC TurboGrafx-16" I get a black screen and the following error message "Cannot find "# # # OrginalAktuell_NEC TurboGrafx-16.ini" 1/ The games are green audited in RocketLauncher and starts when I mark the game and press the little "rocket" icon. 2/ I had a folder with many Roms and all were red, so I created and merged two .xml's and thus got all the files green audit and working, I followed the youtube instructions and temporarily named this xml something else, "# # # OrginalAktuell_NEC TurboGrafx-16.xml" and saved it in my desktop/downloads. Then I backed up the original and renamed the previous file "NEC TurboGrafx-16.xml" and placed it in the HyperSpin/Database/NEC TurboGrafx-16 folder. How do I fix this? I need your help mates, why is it asking for an .ini named from a temporary .xml? (Should it at least not ask for NEC TurboGrafx-16.xml and then create a same name .ini to drop where?) I appreciate any and all help you can give me friends, /Silverbullit
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