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  1. Thank you, Spawk for your detailed guide, however I am not using RL. Giga, I am running that version and have set it up in the very same way that video suggests. You might be right that something might be stealing focus, but I can't figure out what that would be. This system is a fresh install with nothing on it but Hyperspin. The key combination I'm using is P1+P2, which is just Esc.
  2. Thanks for your message. I managed to solve the #2 issue by going into the settings.ini file and changing the exit enabled to true. For some reason this wasn't sticking within HyperHQ. Of course, now that I've modified the ini file, changing the setting within HyperHQ does seem to work, so you might be onto something with the read only part. I am not using Rocketlaunch for FiF, and, to be honest, I do not know how. Any chance you could walk me through it? Thanks for your time. Corey
  3. Hello, I am working to help out a friend with a beautiful Fix it Felix cabinet that is running Hyperspin on a Windows 7 PC. The only emulators installed are Mame and the FiF 5.3 wrapper. I'm having two seemingly small issues, but I can't resolve either of them and they're driving me nuts. 1. When exiting from Mame to the main Hyperspin wheel, everything works great. But when I try to exit FiF to go back to the main wheel, Hyperspin remains in the "background" and the Windows taskbar is visible at the bottom of the screen. In order to get back to Hyperspin, I need to use the mouse to click. This is the only thing that will work. If I "alt+F4" FiF, it goes back to Hyperspin no problem. I'm trying to make this machine completely independent of the mouse and keyboard so having to click on Hyperspin to bring it to the foreground is an issue. Can you suggest a solution? 2. I cannot exit Hyperspin via the control panel. I have to run task manager to get out of Hyperspin. Ideally, I'd like exiting Hyperspin to shut down the system completely. And I'd like to make this happen via the p1 + p2 start buttons. I have messed with the exit options within HyperHQ, but changing them seems to have zero effect at all. Any help from this knowledgeable community would be very greatly appreciated. I've attached a photo of the cabinet so you can see the amazing work my buddy has done on it. He is a magician when it comes to details. Thanks in advance, Corey
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