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  1. so....of course I made some progress immediately after making this post lol! I did not notice where I downloaded that SNES and NES theme from, they included a system settings ini file. After poking around in there I noticed they have their wheel setting different than mine. Under "wheel", then "style" they have "horizontal wide" where I had just "horizontal". I suppose this is not common knowledge? I don't see such setting anywhere in HQ (there is only normal, vertical, pin, and horizontal) so this seems to be something that must be manually entered in the systems ini file. So this did change what I wanted to.....but I am curious still.....is there anyway to customize the number of games shown simultaneously or are these numbers hard baked into HS and not adjustable?
  2. Hi there, as the title suggests I need your help with adjusting the number of games displayed simultaneously in the wheel. To be clear, I am not referring to the "rom only" or "theme only" type options. What I am referring to specially is for example when using the default half circle style on the right hand side there are basically 11 games shown on the screen. You have the game selected in the center, and then 5 below it, and 5 above it. Going further, using a horizontal theme it seems to default to 5 games shown. The game selected in the center, and then 2 on the left, and 2 on the right. I've attached two images for examples showing exactly what I am referring to above What I want to do is adjust the number of games shown at the same time. Specifically I want to make the horizontal theme show 7 games simultaneously instead of only 5. I think this is doable, but I just cannot seem to find the right parameter to adjust in HQ or in various ini files. This video here seems to prove it is doable (link below). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPBdRYiVeo4&list=LL&index=1&t=580s
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