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  1. I have the same question: - Is it possible to delay the theme/artwork/video to give your eyes a chance to rest on the wheel before the theme/artwork/video takes over? Also, Spawk mentions using a default theme. How do you set that up, and could you share what you use for your Mame theme? Finally, how do I figure out how the theme XML file works and what all of the options available in it are? Thanks!
  2. It looks like it was the theme. In short, there wasn't one. If I add a theme, the video shows inside the theme. Is there any primer on themes and how they work? I'm specifically interested in the xml file. Thanks!
  3. Xml uses rom names, as does Emumovies. I checked a few of them just to make sure, and they named match—and none of the videos are working, including the ones I specifically checked. Is there anything anywhere else that needs to be configured?
  4. I downloaded the videos from Emumovies.com and placed them in my Media\MAME\Video folder, and they still don't work. I also have the HyperHQ video path set to the same folder. However, HyperHQ specifically says FLV videos--and these are MP4 videos directly from Emumovies. Any ideas what is broken? Thanks!
  5. What about box art? How does that work? Also, where can you find box art? Thanks!
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