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  1. Thank you, Spawk! Weird thing is that I have all these mediafiles in the right folders, but maybe something is wrong in the database? What should I look for in the database(s) to check exactly? (Which command lines, etc.) I used to have everything working fine, but I am trying to copy things over to my new pc and things apparently don't work exactly as planned:-P
  2. Hi! I am hoping that someone can help me out, because I 've been looking on the internet and on this site for ages now and I cannot figure it out. I already have all the video's, box art, etc. on my hard drive, but I have literally no clue how I can add these video's /art work and the nice wheel art to my HyperSpin. It seems like a real simple thing to do, but I just don't get it. I tried to do this from within HyperHQ, but then I can only customize some fonts but not add specific video previews? Can someone please help me out? 😄 Thanks in advance Carlo
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