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  1. Problem solved after nearly a week !😁😁 The Problem was that HypersHQ has to be set in the right way. HyperHQ > WheelSettings > Choose Wheel ATARI 2600 > NavigationThemes > Check Clones use Parent vids ; Check Clones use Parent Themes; Check Animate Out DefaultThemes (this i don´t know what it does?!), Check Reload Backgrounds After checking these Boxes the Pictures of my Cardridges showed up everytime. Anyhow Mates i hope although you could not help me, this will help others. Happy playing to everyone !!!!
  2. Hi everyone. Does anyone have an idea why the Art of my ATARI 2600 Cartridge Boxes show up as soon as i enter the first time the ATARI 2600 Wheel? When i turn the wheel to the next game there is not showing up the next artwork anymore. When i go back and enter again ATARI 2600 there is a BOX again from another game. It seems the ART from every game is there but show up only once. THX mates
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