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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. pw change worked! I'll DM you the old pw so you can see what might have gone wrong
  2. restarted my machine which I do sparingly, made sure the folder was not set to read only (original folder was), and same thing. since ftp is failing auth, it's not a hypersync issue specifically, right? I'm going to change my pw and see if that does anything. (and I'll give it an hour to update everything).
  3. I will point out my password uses a lot of weird characters. I could try setting it to something simple for testing purposes in case one of the characters is getting hashed or breaking something
  4. I have a pretty basic setup with a netgear nighthawk router (couple years old). I have a locked down hosts file, but I disabled that temporarily and ran hypersync in admin with no joy. I don't use any antivirus other than built in win defender stuff (which I also set to pass this through). I'm happy to try anything again, though, and in any order.
  5. I guess it's officially a backend issue?
  6. so should I change my password again? not change it? does something need to change on the back end? should it be working normally? any troubleshooting steps I can take? I'm pretty stuck here.
  7. I just signed in on incognito browser with pasted pw to be sure I wasn't mistyping anything, and the site logs me in, just auth error in sync :s
  8. probably worth mentioning that I did change my pw here shortly after paying for platinum membership, perhaps that confused something.
  9. thanks again. Yeah, I was on that version, and installed this just to be sure, and same thing. Not a firewall issue if it's an authentication error, right? hmm...
  10. I think so, but if you kindly point me to the instructions and/or latest version I'll be sure to do so! Thanks for the reply.
  11. still no joy after waiting overnight. my username on emumovies is different, could that be an issue? (emumovies is logged in ok in hypersync) also will the hyperbase work affect hypersync atm? I saw posts about downloading straight from FTP which is ok, but my cursory search for ftp info came up short. I'll give it a day and start digging around for ftp stuff tomorrow if this guy doesn't start working.
  12. I'm getting this same issue. I saw a post that it can take an hour or so to get the account status updated, etc., but it's been a few hours now. emumovies is authenticating but hypersync is still telling me we aren't friends. I just want the pretty logos and pictures plz
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