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  1. I'm sold!!! Thanks guys. Full rom sets it is. Time to delete some movies or upgrade my HDD, only have 100GB left on my data drive.
  2. Thanks for the input Rick, it's starting to make sense now. So i guess if i want to go with a smaller set i should collate my ROMS and then i know exactly what i am working with, then add the emulators for those ROMS and create XML files for them, only then should I use HyperSync to "1-Click" install everything i need? I may consider going with a full collection and hiding what i don't have, especially it will save time, i was just thinking about the wasted space...
  3. Is HyperSpin mainly for full collections? I visited the sticky guide in this forum that talks us through getting it installed, updating with git and installing MAME.. when i finally fired up HyperSpin i noticed lots of emulators on there and the MAME emulator i setup was already loaded with games that obviously weren't installed (i guess this came from the xml i added). I am wondering what the benefit of the xml files are, because what are the chances of everyone having full collections? surely it takes longer to remove content than start from scratch with small libraries? I'll only be going with a small selection of games so i'm wondering if it's worth going down that route. I'm new to this so i could be missing the point completely. I was thinking of signing up as a platinum member but does it follow the same setup? ie.. can i use hyper sync to do everything for a small collection or will it throw lots of images, files and data down for roms i don't even have. what are the benefits (aside from supporting the developers and community) ? I'm finding the whole process confusing at the moment, i am a computer technician so should pick it up fast when I find my feet. Are there any good guides that describe this part better? Sorry for a random open ended question
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