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  1. Hi, hyperspin for android only works with devices with an nvidia processor.
  2. If you want i made a tutorial (in french, but you can translate it) TUTORIEL Hyperspin.doc
  3. @pmindemanni use retroarch 1.77 and yaba san shiro core works with my hyperspin on adroid 11 If you are on android 9 why you don't use yaba san shiro stand alone, it works perfectly with android 9 and can be launch with hyperspin. I give you my ini for android 9Sega Saturn.ini
  4. Yes for me retroarch core for some system is just a plan b, i'm waiting for the saf compatible retroarch version to use standalone emulators again.
  5. Here is my settings, I'm using retroarch 1.77 for all my system exept for psp and tic-80 (i use retroarch +) I have add manually the mame_current, mame 2015 and mame 2016 core. Settings.7z
  6. Hi, for me, my configuration is now 95% working with android 11. I just changed all my standalone emulators with retroarch core. I am using retroarch 1.77 32 bit for most of my systems and retroarch + for ppsspp (because it don't work with retroach 1.77) and for the tic-80. Problems : i used to use mame4droid before and my arcade romset was fully compatible with mame4droid, now i use mame_current core with retoarch and some game are no longer compatible.
  7. Hi, I was able to do some testing with my hyperspin set. The good news is that the version of retroarch I'm using (1.77) works fine without any modification. All cores launch correctly from hyperspin. The irata emulator in standelone (atari jaguar) and hatari (atari st) also works. However, the other emulators (snes9x, all .emu, yaba san shiro, redream, ppsspp ...) do not launch from hyperspin.
  8. Hi, I may have a clue with the Mame4Droid emulator that refuses to launch from hyperspin. I installed the stanley application to see the activities. There is a change: com.seleuco.mame4droid/com.seleuco.mame4droid.MAME4droid seems to be gone. Instead we find things like : Action : android.name=android intent.action.MAIN or : CATEGORY : android.name=android.intent.category.LAUNCHER and other things....
  9. Maybe, for me no problem my hyperspin still working cause i didn't made the shield update. And i don't want arc browser or any other front-end.
  10. Hi everyone, The first step will be updating hyperspin, but I also hope that the emulators will work well on android 11, because apparently many of them have problems accessing external support for roms.
  11. Hello everybody, Since the last update of the nvidia shield TV (Android 11) hyperspin no longer works. A message indicates that it is no longer compatible with this version of Android. Do you know if a hyperspin apk update will be made?
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