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  1. So guys, I'm trying to install HyperSpin on my Shield. This is the thing, I purchased an external HDD with Hyperspin for PC installed on it with videos, pictures, and every MAME game you can think of a while back. It works great on my PC, but I want to use this now on my Shield. So, I figured there has to be a way to install the android version on the shield, and then somehow point the directories to my external HDD with everything on it, since it is many GBs big and won't fit on my Shield cinema hd device, and so I can use the preexisting files from that HDD just with the android app. Is this possible? Thank you guys.
  2. I know about Bandits 200GB build. What I'm trying to understand is can I get this to work over the network NAS vs USB drive or internal storage applinked? I'm currently using retroarxh to access my room library this way and it works great. I just don't know where does Hyperspin store all of its Metadata information (videos, backgrounds, etc). Is this forced to be stored locally on the shield? If so, how much space does that roughly take up? Or can I point it yo my NAS location and serve from there? Thanks in advance.
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