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  1. Actually, think how cool it would be if there was a small commercial licence you could purchase for Hyperpin / Hyperspin? Free for personal use, but for commercial (selling a cab) you pay a commercial fee (something small). The money would go back into the program helping to further the development. With that said ... you would still probably need to exclude any of the themes as they are all copyrighted images ... it's a tricky area I suppose ...
  2. hmmm ... well perhaps that is it. When I finally get a spare moment I'll investigate further. thanks!
  3. To either Chris, or technohat ... on yourLCD3000, when it's on, do you hear a relatively loud fan noise coming from the upper left side of the display? I have bought two from a supplier on eBay (used obviously), and there is kind of a loud fan running up there for both of them. I'm curious if it's common for this model, or if I should tear the thing apart and replace the fan. Love to hear your thoughts...
  4. Here is a quick question for everyone. Does anyone have a general estimate on how much it costs to have custom artwork designed (General range) I'm considering going down this route ... or I can just as easily purchase some ready made artwork for an existing machine ... I'm not opposed to springing extra for that cool effect, but I'd love to know general pricing (as this is already getting quite expensive).
  5. Hey russdx, By the way, have you (or your dad) made any progress on the board to allow us to use other dmd's (like plasma's, etc...)? I got one of your shinny pindmd boards but cannot get my hands on a damn dmd ...
  6. Hi Chris, Thanks for the tip. That was certainly a help. However, I have 2 questions for you. 1) There was only one input for the stroboscope section, so are you then combining all strobes in parallel? (2 under cab, 2 in play field, 4 on top of backbox) 2) You had the awesome idea to add Fans behind your speakers for certain games that use this (whirlwind, ect...). Are you no longer using them, or did you find a way to fire that off without using the LEDWiz? Thanks so much... after 74 pages of this forum I'm sure you are done answering questions
  7. so ... thirsty ... for ... vishay ... dmd ...
  8. Hi Chris, Quick question for you. I'm trying to build a similar setup as you and I'm curious how you setup your LED Wiz. 5 RGB Crees - 15 Outputs 8 Contactors - 8 Outputs 2 Flashers Playfield - ? Outputs 2 Flashers Bottom - ? Outputs 4 Flashers Backbox - ? Outputs 1 Gear/Wiper Motor - 1 Output 1 Shaker Motor - 1 Output 1 Original Pinball Knocker - 1 Output 2 Fans - 1 Output 5 Admin Buttons - 5 Outputs ?? 4 Flipper RGB Buttons - 12 Outputs? 1 RGB Strip under cab - 3 Outputs? ... I'm either missing something, or you are using two LedWiz controllers right? I'd love to understand your setup a little better if you are just using 1 LEDWiz ... if that's okay with you...
  9. Not sure about the Cyber Power green strips, but the original "Smart Strip Power Strip" has a dial to adjust the sensitivity for current. I had that problem with the default settings for my arcade, but with a little adjustment it goes away.
  10. They don't have any in-stock, but you can still order them. I just placed an order a few weeks ago. It's going to take like 2-3 months to arrive ... so that's a concern ... but I'm not in a rush as I have a #[email protected]# load of other projects I'm working on.
  11. so ... the dmd and usb device or bundled somewhere? I see the dmd for sale on pinball life, but not the usb device? I'm in the US, should I get these things separate or bundled together somewhere? thanks!
  12. Hmm ... once you test please post back. I have the NANO tech item and preferred to keep things simple. I'll scroll through that other thread as well. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone ever done a comparison of the Nanotech product vs the sidewinder game-pad? I know people have given good reviews of both, I'm just curious which one is better (I have an order of the Nanotech on the way).
  14. @Chris Quick q ... Reading your forum I see that "Darkfall" has referenced using the LCD at 6degrees and the glass at 8, but I never caught what you did. Do you recall? Just checking the angles ... UPDATE: ... hmm while reviewing your images it doesn't seem like Chris's playing field could possibly be @ 6 degrees .. or if it is, then the whole playing field must be down farther... which means the buttons would be as well, etc... now I'm really intrigued.
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