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  1. Here is a quick question for everyone. Does anyone have a general estimate on how much it costs to have custom artwork designed (General range) I'm considering going down this route ... or I can just as easily purchase some ready made artwork for an existing machine ... I'm not opposed to springing extra for that cool effect, but I'd love to know general pricing (as this is already getting quite expensive).
  2. Hey russdx, By the way, have you (or your dad) made any progress on the board to allow us to use other dmd's (like plasma's, etc...)? I got one of your shinny pindmd boards but cannot get my hands on a damn dmd ...
  3. so ... thirsty ... for ... vishay ... dmd ...
  4. They don't have any in-stock, but you can still order them. I just placed an order a few weeks ago. It's going to take like 2-3 months to arrive ... so that's a concern ... but I'm not in a rush as I have a #!@# load of other projects I'm working on.
  5. so ... the dmd and usb device or bundled somewhere? I see the dmd for sale on pinball life, but not the usb device? I'm in the US, should I get these things separate or bundled together somewhere? thanks!
  6. So ... in the advent of HS 1.0 ... how can we get your awesome CAPCOM & NEO-GEO themes up and running again?

  7. I am trying to download your ScrummVM Theme, and each time I cannot complete it. It has a server error (I have tried from 3 computers all using different internet access points). Can you upload this to the FTP site somewhere, or an external host? (like megaupload or something)?

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