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  1. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I'll try again. Thanks for the info, and keep up the great work.
  2. When I launch Hyperbase live, I'm met with a logo and a spinning progress bar, and it never progresses beyond that. Hypersync is stating that it's deprecated, and it's not pulling any content. Is there currently any way to sync media that's working for Hyperspin?
  3. Funny how people have different preferences here.. I have a 7 button setup like this: 4 5 6 1 2 3 7 I find that instinctively when people are playing a game (at least in my experience), they use the bottom left 2 buttons in the stack of 6 first.
  4. Let me just second the recommendation on Brad Bowman. I just picked up a CPO I threw together from him this weekend, and it looks incredible. I'm very fortunate that he's local to me. I will definitely be using him for all of my future printing work.
  5. Is this a legit place? If so, they're begging to be shut down. It looks amazing and I'd love to go there (and grab one of those hyperpin cabs!!) but it's absolutely illegal.
  6. You don't. You need iteagle.zip (ROM) and the chd.
  7. To eliminate audio stutter: Use mame32fx: Settings: - Under controllers enable mouse support - Under Sound, select Direct Sound. - Set sampling Rate to 11025 - Set audio latency slider to 5/5 (far right). Launch the game, set the dip switch settings to low resolution and re-start mame. It's running full speed without stutter on an old core i5.
  8. Jeremy, How did you get this to work? I tried renaming the complete .CHD to the filename for GTFORE05 (golf_fore_2005_v5.01.06.chd). It runs up to the "System Status Ok... Initializing, Please Wait." and never goes further.
  9. @ridic: Since you're going to close this, I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome artwork
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