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  1. rick101

    Joy To Key

    UPDATE So I went back to the video I watched when setting up HS JTK and copied the guys settings, restarted the box..and everything fixed including JTK not disconnecting going back to HS menu! Cant tell you what part but suggest anyone with similar issue follow this guys steps (maybe Spawk can identify the part specifically) Peace out
  2. rick101

    Joy To Key

    Hi Spawk, No luck unfortunately. I did as you said but it made no change. I then tried changing the path as I have a standard and an _en folder and got an error. Now it won't open a game in HS (wheel still goes up and down using stick) nothing happens when I hit the action button that used to start a game (the error hasnt come back since the first time I launched a game) Tried putting back to how I had it but same thing doesnt start a game anymore. I checked in JTK and the 'Start' button is still mapped highlighting, so I am more thinking this isnt a JTK issue, its more its not launching the MAME emulator now? I have a few joytokey folders not sure why:- D:/Hyperspin/Arcade/Joytokey/joytokey.exe (this was what it was on) D:/Hyperspin/Arcade/Joytokey_en/joytokey.exe D:/Hyperspin/Utilities/Joytokey/joytokey.exe D:/Hyperspin/Utilities/Joytokey_en/joytokey.exe (this is what I tried changing the JTK path in RL to then got the error and no longer opens a game) Anyway I could pay for your time to remote onto my box to take a look yourself? Nothing on there other than my HS setup.
  3. rick101

    Joy To Key

    Hi Spawk, The only Joy To Key path I could find was on this page. Also I have two menus on the left, one for Global and one for MAME. These have different settings on some areas. Should I be using two or one? Also noticed if I CTRLALTDEL there are two instances running once I go into a game, one Hyperspin the other MAME. Hyperspin has sound, MAME doesnt. When I return to menu, it only shows the Hyperspin instance. I've taken screenshots of several other areas in hope I can get you to take a look for any other reason that could be causing JTK to bail out.
  4. rick101

    Joy To Key

    Hi Guys, I recently lost some of my settings for unknown reasons and now when I launch Joy to key is running as per my windows startup and associated to Hypersin as an application all fine. Enter a game its fine, but then return to menu..it stops running. I can CTRLALTDEL and see its stopped running, if i double click the joytokey.exe shortcut on desktop it runs again and stick resumes How can I tell Joy To Key to stop disconnecting when I return to main menu? Please help!
  5. Hi Guys, I only have MAME setup on my cabinet as all I want. How can I default it to my game chosen favourite list to boot on startup? Currently it opens the entire MAME catalogue I then press my key set to Favourites 'do you want to enter Favourites' I press ok and it then shows me. Someone previously said you can amend the mame.ini file to 'start_on_favourites = yes' which I tried but didn't work Please help!
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