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  1. Hello - have done some searching and so far not found an answer to the question of where one should install individual PC Games? Let me state up front that I am not currently planning to utilize the monster eXoDOS set(s) out there as I own the games I wish to install...and can't accommodate a nearly 400GB addition to my drive. Anyway, it seems this particular system category is unique in that PC games usually have far more than just a single 'ROM'-like file. So, what is the best organizational approach in terms of a master folder structure? For example, is the optimum approach to install each game within it's own folder, something like this: HyperSpin > Emulators > PC Games > (specific game folder) > (specific game executable + associated files) ...OR, is some other organization scheme more efficient/optimal/desired in terms of HyperSpin/RocketLauncher once you have more than a few games? I'm pretty much done configuring MAME as a system on my gaming computer, and would like to begin installing a range of PC/DOS games (Commander Keen, Doom, etc.). I would really appreciate some thoughtful guidance regarding folder structure and organization before I head down this road, as I hope to avoid having to uninstall/move/duplicate any game installation(s) if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any advice, lessons learned, etc.
  2. Thank you, Gigapig - deleting the .ini file worked for me
  3. I changed my password to eliminate special characters, however I do not see how to re-enter my username + new password credentials. Each time I click 'Profile', nothing happens. If I click 'log in', it simply tries to do so again with the previous credentials. I've checked for other windows that might be pop-unders, but see nothing. I reinstalled HyperSync Cloud from the download link, but the same behavior continues. I'm reluctant to ditch all the other files in the folder, as those do not seem to be included with a fresh file download. Any ideas?