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  1. Yes, I have that app, and I have RL, but I have a fresh install, no options or nothing setup. I only installed this just to match my roms with the list. So I am starting from no settings. What are the minimum steps to match rom list?
  2. I have just installed a Fresh copy of Hyperspin full install and the only thing I want to do with it at this time is match my current ROM library with the Hyperlist .XML found herehttp://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ For example, I just want to match my PSX roms against the PSX Hyperlist .XML to see what games I am missing. What is the easiest way to do this without setting up a bunch of stuff. I tried HyperspinChecker 0.11.1u3 Beta but it doesn't see any of my roms. Maybe I need it dummied down for me. Any helps is appreciated. Thank you!
  3. That is the one I downloaded...I swear buy the old Gods and the new, I did not see those boxes with check-box options during install. I am always vigilant about those annoying tricks and I didn't see them. So this is used as free version, everything I need to do I can do with the free version correct? Thank you for that page, It turns out that I already have the latest PowerIso registered so I will try that one and see if it works, this should work for multidisc too correct? Would I be able to set multiple drives and load multiple isos (Final Fantasy 4 disc game)
  4. Am I on crazy pills??? I downloaded the Daemon Tools link and I am not presented with any boxes to uncheck. I chose Free license to install. After I installed, it seems just about any option I select requires to purchase a key.. The version says 10.2. I thought this was pretty straightforward, but I guess not for me. I watched Austins tutorial, but that is for the old version. Any guide on setting up 10.2?
  5. This is what I am talking about. My roms appear to be names exactly like the media. It says rom not found, but there it is in my folder. **UPDATE** I realized I have to double click the system on the left each time for each system. I can't just use the drop down box every time.
  6. I did a scan of Atari 2600 and it appears to be pulling wheel art up as not matched. When I compare it to the lsit on the right "Display disabled roms (HS 1.4+)" the file name is exactly the same. Do I need to check any of the boxes on top Remove all if Rom is DISABLED or Remove all selected if Rom is NOT FOUND btw, what are "disabled Roms (HS1.4+)
  7. Thank you! It's amazing if you are actually using the latest version. I was on crazy pills for a second...It looks pretty easy. Thank you for taking your time dummying it down for me.
  8. 32 Assassins, can you elaborate a little on the steps needed to accomplish "When HyperTools scans your folders, it will move all the unwanted media for the roms you don't have in your XMLs" I am debating to delete my entire 120GB on media and just start over. but if i can get this to delete all my unwanted pics and videos, it would save me a lot of bandwidth. I only want available artwork/vidoes for official hyperspin xmls. When I first started my collection I matched my database with my rom names, so I have a lot of extra artwork.
  9. Are there any plans to have a Nintendo 3DS xml on the main XML page?
  10. Good Day, I have a few questions with 3.5. It seems with systems that have the "&" symbol, the database gets corrupt as it tries to sync. in fact, it doesn't show the "&" in the available systems menu, it shows and "_" instead. So these don't sync at all. More importantly, I used EmuMovies 2.3 and then switched to HyperSync CLoud I have been doing some testing and for the test I used Acorn Archimedes system. I am pretty much in the process of re-downloading all art/videos for my systems, and I noticed that when I sync, it doesn't download any of the movies or box art for this software, and a few others. I previously downloaded all box art, 3D boxes, and movies for this same system. Now they do not seem to be available at all either on EmuMovies or through Hyupersync.. Did they take these files out of the database? Why are they not available anymore? Or is it operator error?
  11. Question, I tried to run some of them and they worked in MAME but not MAMEUIFX. These are the errors I got? It happens with all games...running MAMEUIFX binaries 0.172.1 (64-bit). And when I scan/audit my CHDs on either system, only like 4 turn green, not like my normal roms...I have tried several that I know work and they work, but they don't show up green, they are all grey.
  12. Thank you, I will give that a shot
  13. so since i have the complete 332GB merged downloaded, is it possible to just keep only the CHD merged that work and drag and drop those into my MAME split rom set??
  14. Guess I read this too late. I obtained the CHD 172 merged set at 330GB, guess I will have to get the 58gb Split set. Is there a list of the CHDs that do work? Is there a list of CHD games that do work? Can I just copy those games to my 58GB split list and use them that way or is that not the way things work??
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