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  1. what2be


    I cant seem to login to the hyperlist site. It says "you must be logged in" but I see nowhere to login at. Is it broken?
  2. Still no login to Hyperlist correct? Im trying to create a XML from a txt file of games (ie, top 100 games, etc)
  3. Sure you can, just put esc as the exit key in hyperspin for Player2, so player one would be cntrl-q, and p2 would be esc. Just a suggestion, you may want to do something similar to what I did to exit games out of the emulator, which is set a exit key in rocketlauncher with a hold time, eg, I use the 2 player button to exit emulator but of course that wouldnt work so good if someone wanted to join in and press player 2 so I have the rocketlauncher exit key set to this: H1500:2 So a person has to hold down the P2 button for 1.5 seconds (1500) to make the emulator exit. The only problem I see with you doing something like that is you cant have your emulators set with the same key as you configure in RL because then the emulator would take priority over RL and exit you out the second you hit the button. So if you use the esc key with a hold time in RL you need to set each emulator up with a different key to exit other than esc. Make sense?
  4. Yeah, in hyperspin you can configure any key you like to exit hyperspin front end, and in RL, you can define key/macro to exit game in RL. You can also disable the exit hyperspin key if you like or have it shutdown the computer instead of exiting to the desktop. Start HyperHQ, from the main settings tab click on "Startup/Exit" and choose your options, then in the controls tab pick your exit hyperspin key. In rocketlauncherui, click the "Settings" icon (2nd from the left at top) and you will see "exit emulator key"
  5. Technically im the winner but I could give a shit... your post said "MAY need to uncheck trackball" while mine (posted 45 minutes after yours) was actually fact and stated as much. But i dont need any pizza anyway, so enjoy.
  6. And just a FYI, joy2key and xmapper are simply tools that let you map JOYSTICK (ie, gamepads, Xbox controllers, etc) as keyboard keys since they are seen in windows as USB Joysticks and not as keyboards (95% of all the joysticks in arcade cabinets emulate keyboard keys and are not actual joysticks) Trackballs and Spinners just emulate mice and show up as such in windows so they arent recognized as joysticks or keyboards. When you see people selling interface boards for joysticks, trackballs and spinnners (ie, Ultimarc Ultimate I/O, or xarcades stuff, etc) they are simply usb devices that show up in windows as a keyboard and mouse, and in turn send commands from the joysticks and trackballs and spinners and send them to windows as keyboard and mice commands.
  7. You shouldnt need joy2key or xmapper, just go into hyperhq, go to controls and set your buttons for your controls in hyperspin. ie, P1 up = up arrow, etc, then when your done save it and your good to go. The important thing to know is that once you select your emulator and game from hyperspin it simply hands that off to RocketLauncher and is done. RocketLauner actually launches the game and from there the emulator running your game will be using any keymapping you have setup in that emulator. As for your emulators, you configure those keys inside each emulator, (eg, mame controls are set using the tab key inside mame) After you exit a game, control goes back to hyperspin and the process continues.. etc, etc,
  8. not if your joysticks on your control panel emulate keystrokes (as most do)
  9. Recently was at a local bar and saw a arrcade cabinet (complete with a exit button on the control panel) from a company that was using Hyperspin as its frontend. I read the HyperSpin EULA and while it says it cant be sold, it doesent say it cant be used as a for profit arcade cabinet as far as I can tell. What is the legaity of what they are doing? It was not a local company because I know the local company that runs the coin op stuff in our town and while they had their sticker on it, the logo on the front of the marquee was silkscreened in it and it was obvious it was a company selling these nationwide.
  10. In hyperHQ make sure joysticks are unchecked as well as trackball and spinner.
  11. Im not even sure hypersync is being actively worked on right now.. I have a issue as well with neo-geo, it is not activated yet it will say the neo-geo database is corrupt and prompt me to download a new database or ignore and whichever I pick it will create a neo-geo folder in my hyperspin database folder.
  12. I too have that same xml but am curious as to why none of the HS staff has added Pinball Arcade to the hyperlist website? In fact, if you go through the user created xml's on hyperlist there is not 1 submission for PInball Arcade....kind of crazy since ive had it for over a year now in my HS setup. I guess ill quit being lazy and go upload it now.
  13. Yeah I turned off windows defender and it works great again! Thanks!
  14. It ended up being windows defender, I turned that worthless piece of sotware off and all works again. Thanks for the Tip!
  15. Have this same issue driving me crazy, worked perfect in windows 7 and somehow i return from vacation and windows 10 is installed on my arcade cabinet. I only have malwarebytes running and Ive already tried exiting it and running hyperspin and the problem persists. Its not a rocketlauncher issue because it happens before any games are even passed to rocketlauncher. I start hyperspin, the intro video plays fine, the wheels all show up on the screen but no wheel themes for 30-45 seconds and then when I do select a wheel the games are listed but no themes and it takes another 30-45 seconds for them to show up. If i select a game it runs fine and Ive already tried turning off UAC in windows 10 as well as setting all the exe in hyperspin to compatibility mode win 7 and run as administrator. The wierd thing is that sometimes the delay is longer than others and occasionally there is no delay at all when starting hyperspin but its usually after ive been in hyperspin and exited and then re started hyperspin. I checked my HDD speeds and they are fine, in task manager there is less than 10% cpu usage and have plenty of ram free. Not sure whats up but windows 10 can suck it.
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