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  1. It's been the same for me too, Admin do you have an ETA when this will be back up ?
  2. Look what I just found:- https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14481 Click test results and read "What does not" This is the issue i'm having, any idea on the fix?, could not work out the comments
  3. This makes sense to me:- The Emulator has changed the video mode to be something that it needs; And it did not restore the video mode when it finished; And Windows wasn't made aware of that; So Windows doesn't know what to do or doesn't think that anything has changed and continues to treat the display as if it's in the original mode, not the mode that the game left it in.
  4. no good, did look at this. I reckon its something to do with Windows 10
  5. This is what happens in Hyperspin when playing or in windows when testing the Emulator.
  6. PLayed with this earlier:- In RocketLaunch / Settings / Exit Restore Frontend On Exit = Restore Restore Resolution On Exit = True But no good * When just testing the emulator on its own in windows it does the same over coloured low-res effect when I quite so im thinking its something else ?
  7. Just testing the Emulator on its own with the same issues makes me think its a graphic card driver issue ? I'm using an up-to-date - AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
  8. Yes in RocketLauncherUI / AAE / Main Settings / Settings. Set Resolution - tried both 32 and 8 bit depth (1280x1024, 60 frame) and also did the same in the emulator resolution like you explained earlier Still the same
  9. * Just tried Global setting in emulator but did not work. After I quite emulator windows was overexposed and lowres :(. Restart needed again!
  10. Great idea but it did not work Its strange as when I quite each AAE game the overexsposed colour, low res graphics appear but then when I select another game in AAE it flicks back to normal again on load. It must be a global setting to apply to all of the AAE emulator.
  11. Anyway to set it back on game exit ? I know mame has come a long way but from the sounds of things AAE emulator is still very good.
  12. Point 1) Fixed:- Execution: Need to set to HyperLaunch. Any ideas on point 2) ? I have to restart the machine when I quite out of a game as all the colour and graphics are missed up.
  13. Evening Guys, I have two issues I need help with:- 1) Hyperspin loads in AAE fine but when I browse through the games I can't select to play ? I see the videos etc but I cant enter them ? tried pressing every button but cant get in. Tested in RocketLauncher and selected an indivdual game which works fine ? 2) When I quite out of testing an AAE game in roicket Launcher I am left with a VERY over exsposed desktop of colours in windows ? Can anyone assist please
  14. Arcade Bartop is finally complete and I am now going through all my software setup ie HyperSpin, RocketLauncherUI, Hyper Sync, Emumovies and just getting my head around how it all works again as I never fully completed all the emulators. Due to the AMD new build I am going to have to upgrade to Windows 10 so I'm guessing I should upgrade all my other software above ? Should I do upgrades or fresh installs, any problems I might incur ? (Sorry not at home so not sure on the versions I have but its around 3 years ago)
  15. I am happy to report that everything works now that I have bought the correct switch ( momentary style button ). Here is what I bought from Amazon:-
  16. TBH I already have a gaming PC, This project was for me and my sons to enjoy when they are older. With the restrictions of 6 buttons it was going to be for the classic arcade games and old skool consoles of the 90s and then maybe some re-boot games like double dragon on Steam. I did build the hyperspin setup and roms years ago so I am hoping it will be easy to pick up again and clean up for this bartop arcade.
  17. Good to know, however I was of the understanding that emulators worked mainly off the Processor rather than GPU. I am on a budget and this felt like the best bang for buck to run what I needed without the need to buy a dedicated GPU which would be tight to fit anyway.
  18. Sorry to waste your time guys, ive worked it out! The power switch has to be a momentary style button or it basically will not work with a PC. Lots of info online about momentary buttons for PC builds. Should of researched PC builds rather than Arcade bartops ...lol I've ordered a Momentary LED button so will let you know the outcome
  19. Totally understand, I decided to go down a different route and use a PC Power supply unit to power the rig.
  20. The Arcade Bartop has been bulit from scratch with an MDF template bought online:- MSI gaming plus B450m - Motherboard EVGA 550 B3 - Power Supply Ryzen 3 2200G - Processor 8GB Hyper - Memory x3 hard-drives, AMp with speakers, LED etc etc Not sure if this helps ?
  21. Mine is powered via PSU, basically just like any normal PC.
  22. I have tried leaving the + - led power in and used my separate cable and switch as shown in the above picture and everything works fine. But when I wire up the power SW to the button it shorts out after 10 secs of the computer being on.
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