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  1. so, was able to get it working, i needed to update a line entry in the AHK, , did this and works like a charm
  2. Thank you for the info Spawk, i setup a folder called 'PS3 links, i right clicked the eboot.bin file in the USRDIR and named it NPEB00073 i then put that link in the folder and added the folder path in the rom location settings *i also made sure to remove my game specific setting under the module tab for the application path and post launch path tried to run in RL and it says: "have not setup NPEB00073 in RLUI yet, so PCLauncher doesnt know what exe, fad title and SteamID to watch" ( i will revisit trying to get them to work this way if you have any other clues i can follow Thing to keep in mind is that (even though it is a very long and tedious way to get the eboots to work, it still launches them fine , fullscreen, in RL. ---- I also went in and typed Qt5QWindowIcon in the fade Title screen That worked! , launched through HS fine, fullscreen..for about 30 seconds then i got a pop up saying " There was an error waiting for the window Qt5QWindowIcon, please check if you have the correct version emulator installed, followed any notes in the module, and have this emulator working outside your front end first. Also turn off Fade to see if you are hiding your problem SO SO CLOSE!! maybe it has something to appwait, happen to be able to provide any more details on how i would go about setting up appwait.exe? (or on anything else i mentioned above)? I look forward to hearing back
  3. Hello Gang, i can get Rocketlauncher to to Launch my PS3 backups but I am having a little bit of a challenge through HS. Hope someone can lend their expertise: my setup is that i am Launching RPCS3 via PC launcher https://pastebin.com/KycetWrg (pclauncher.ahk details) from there i create a bat file within the Rpcs3 folder for each game that links to the eboot/bin file of that game example: to run Outrun, i have a .bat file with the following code: rpcs3.exe "E:\HyperSpin\Emulators\Sony Playstation 3\rpcs3-v0.0.16-12375-2169e8d9_win64\dev_hdd0\game\NPEB00073\USRDIR\EBOO T.BIN (As a note: i tested this BAT file by clicking on the .bat file, it loads up Rpcs3 and then launches the game full screen...all good so far) once i create the bat, then i go into rocketlauncher, i specify each Rom to run the .bat file for its respective game ( i do this under the module tab, i go to Edit Global Module settings, i add the specific rom and direct the application to the bat file i created the a FS.AHK file that will allow the program to full screen, named it FS.AHK and saved it to the RPCS3 root folder Now, when i go to launch it is rocketlauncher, it opens the fade in, then shows the bat file running via the exe window. It then opens Rpcs3 and launches the game (while putting the bat file window and the Ppcs3 windows in the background behind the game) and the game launches fine in fullscreen ..BUT.. if i run the game through Hyperspin, hyperspin does not minimize. SO i have the game running fullscreen BEHIND Hyperspin. Not sure if this is Hypersin setting, an RPCS3 setting or a a module/ahk setting here is the ahk for Rpcs3 https://pastebin.com/f6JE3CsS kinda stumped on how to get the emulator to run in front of Hyperspin Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. was doing some research on the RL website and it was recommended to run a troubleshoot log in rocketlauncher . I will work on figuring out how to do that and post it here and or in rocketlauncher site. I know if it wont work in RLUI, it probabl is the same reason it wont work in HS
  5. so, i was able to download the program and i pointed the preferences to the rocketlauncher folder. When i run the program and click on process rocketlauncher, it does not show any systems. i will try to work with this program more, but if i have the bezel, i feel we should be able to troubleshoot within RL/HS instead of using alternate software
  6. No luck yet, i'm really bummed. I tried to downloads the link you provided above but the instructions for step 4 say to run the program but it has no exe in the file, so not too sure pn what to do what that. I have feeling it maybe one of the setttings.ini files or just something simple i am overlooking but still no luck.
  7. I tried that and still no luck (also removed the deafult png and ini from the NES folder, and confirmed they were in the _default folder as well
  8. ok, i tried that and still no bezel displayed
  9. Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this. So, been working on setting up hyperspin over the past few weeks, It really is pretty intense. I am progressing pretty good but i have hit a roadblock. I can seems to get any bezels to load. Default per console or individualized. For now, I'm just focusing on one bezel (just to understand the methodology), 10 yard fight for NES. So far, i have the settings in RLUI as follows -Global- settings-Bezel- enabled set to True - Fullscreen bezel set to fill, use backgrounds set to true In hyperspin folder directory, i have hype hyperspin-media-bezels-Nintendo Entertainment system (same naming as global console in RLUI) , inside the NES bezels folder, i have a default.png image, default.ini . I also have a _Default folder and folder specific for the 10 yard fight bezel named 10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe) (the .png bezel inside the folder also has the same name) default bezel doesn't load, 10 yard fight bezel doesn't load either I am using Retroarch as emulator - i don't see anything under modules that i would need to configure Any thoughts ? Thank you in advance
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