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  1. HS.my bad so i'll look into the mame update after wards, i just realized that the toolbar is viewable when using all emulators, so i'm thinking it must be a HS setting. i can;t seem to locate the hide toolbar option though.
  2. hello, I do have HP running at full screen, so i am thinking that is not it. I believe it is the newest version of HS and RL as well, any easy way to check? I guess my next question would be how do i update the module so it recognizes the version of mame to be 175 instead of 166. Thanks again , i look froward to the update
  3. Hello Team, My issue is that mame .166 works full screen w. no problems with bezel off but when i put the bezel on, the toolbar remains when i launch a game. Easy fix?
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