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  1. Thanks you all are correct I was having trouble finding these settings but now all is well
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I tried that in the specific emulators settings and in the global settings both restore, and restore and click but it did not fix the issue. the screen flickers to adjust to the different resolution then minimizes hyperspin front end.
  3. When exiting Kega Fusion, Znes, and FCE Ultra based emulators hyperspin comes up in a windowed view in the top conner my newer gen emulators like project 64 opens back in full screen. I believe it is a resolution problem but I have not found a work around or a fix for it, Im running RocketLauncher.0.0.9 and hyperspin I would like for my emulators to exit back to HS in full screen mode they start the emulation in Full Screen any help would be appreciated
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