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  1. Hmm i tried to enable Multigame, and the option to change disc pops up, but when i choose disc 2, all i get is a black screen... Nothing happens
  2. That's what i also thought, but it just keep telling to insert CD #2... I have also tried other games such as "oddworld abe's exoddus".. same problem
  3. Hello guys, i've been testing a game (that is fairly short) to see what happens when it says that i have to put in CD 2... Now, i do know how to change the disc if i use the ePSXe GUI, but is there a way to change to second disc from hyperspin if i'm only using a controller? The game i tested is "Heart Of Darkness"
  4. Thanks mate for that info, but i don't think i want to "mess" around with anything else right now.. as you wrote, nothing else is important since it worked (finally)
  5. I didn't find that option (Add JoytoKey License)... But i think i managed to fix it!! All i had to do was to remove this thing from the control settings It finally works! Here is a picture of what i removed: http://i.imgur.com/HdN99Pd.png
  6. I also had that problem at the beggning.. In your database folder /Hyperspin/Database/"Your emulator"/"Your emulator.xml Open the XML file and check if your ROM names is exact as in the XML files...
  7. Thanks anyway mate! I appreciate all your help! I have to figure this out by myself, why it doesn't work for some reason
  8. I have deleted the profile and created a new one.. i even deleted all the traces that was left after the previous profile.. It still won't work for some reason Guess i have to figure it out somehow.. What do you use instead? Xmapper or just the keyboard?
  9. I Have followed that guide but it still doesn't work Dammit it's not supposed this "hard"! What am i doing wrong? Is it because my FrontEnd Profile is called RocketLauncherUI and not HyperSpin like the one in the guide? I tried to rename it but it's not possible
  10. Actually that makes perfect sense, but i already created another profile for RockerLauncherUI... Here is a picture of how it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/dGinHgD.png I have configured so that these two have exactly the same controls for my gamepad... Am i doing somethign wrong? I followed this guide, but it still doesn't work https://gameroomsolutions.com/hyperspin-controller-setup-with-joytokey-and-gamepad/
  11. Hello guys, i have a small problem with JoyToKey... I'm using it to configure my PSX emulator with it since, some of my keys doesn't respond when i play some games... But i occured this problem: 1. I have configured JoyToKey to use the controller in the main menu.. So far so good.. 2. I have also configured the gamepads in the ePSXe, again so far it's working great! 3. Now let say i open Hyperspin, (i have configured the settings from HyperHQ that JoyToKey launches automatically when i run Hyperspin.) 4. And let say that i launch a PSX games, JoyToKey will then open the .cfg file i have created for ePSXe so i can be able to play the game with my gamepad... Now here is the funny part, when i exit the game (by pressing ESC), JoyToKey also exits and by that i'm stuck in main menu and can't move or do anything since JoyToKey got terminated... The only way to exit Hyperspin is to use my keyboard... Is there a way to "use" JoyToKey that it automatically recognize which is the main menu and which is the emulator so it doesn't get terminated when i exit the game??
  12. Yes it's the same both ways When i try to launch the game from Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher, the controllers and keyboard doesn't respond... The game works however, i can see the video intro of the game and even the demo gameplay, but the controllers doesn't respond.. The controller and keyboard works great when i open the game from the program itself (ePSXe) and launch the game from there, but not with Hyperspin/Rocketlauncher... And it's only with this game! All the other games works great except this one.. Do you know why? Edit: Now when i tried another game i haven't played yet (Hercules) that game doesn't also work! I think it may be something to do with me using Xinput and the [sCPH-1150] Dualanalog (F5) in the configuration settings for gamepad.. When use digital (the one without analog controllers) it works great...
  13. Thank you!! That solved the problem i had! =D If i may, just one last question.. I'm trying to play Heart Of Darkness through Hyperspin.. When i launch the game it works great, but none of of controllers doesn't respond (both keyboard and my gamepad)... But when i launch the game from ePSXe (not from hyperspin) it works great... Do you guys know why?
  14. Hello guys, i'm trying to run PS1 games from hyperspin, but it doesn't work for some reason... I've been using Retroarch to play PS1 games, which have been working great, but ePSXe gives me more options to configure the graphics and make it look better... Now my problem is that everytime when i configure the video settings in ePSXe, and launch it from the program it works great... However, everytime when i try to launch it from Rocketlauncher or Hyperspin it gives me this error: "Missing render texture extension" and "No pixel format available" and it crashes Now, i do know how to fix this problem, and to do so you just configure and change the "Streching mode" and "Render mode" to atleast "1" in the settings.. BUT when i do that and run a game from let say RocketLauncher, those settings i just changed resets for some reason and i get the same problem with as mentioned above ("Missing render texture extension" and "No pixel format available"). And by that i have to change the settings AGAIN just because it resets to the default settings.... Do any of you guys know how to fix this problem and to make it NOT to reset the video settings?
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