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  1. I very much enjoyed working on this project, but as time went on my interest faded, and the work became repetitive. After having my second child, taking on new responsibilities at work, and a separate project taking over my interest I decided to put HiToText on the back burner. Fast forward to now, and I have a new and more demanding job, a third kid, and that side project I'm working on has blown up within that community and taken over what little spare time I actually still have. My interest in MAME has waned severely as well, which hasn't helped. I would like to apologize for not giving any updates or information for the past few years, and honestly, I didn't really know it was missed. It's such a small drop in the vast MAME community bucket, and everything was open-sourced (free-sourced, you can even make commercial projects out of the code if you wanted) I kind of assumed people would use it and augment it how they needed, or continue to contribute to the hiscore.dat and HiToText.xml file. If I've forgotten some piece of code, I do still have all my older project folders and stuff in the cloud, but I'm fairly sure it's all there on sourceforge or even the arcadecontrols forum link. Should have everything. Sorry all, but I don't have plans to continue working on HiToText, and I'm sorry for not informing everyone at the time of my decision years ago. =(
  2. There are (unfortunately) probably hundreds of ways for games to have scores sorted. Some are awkward, Crystal Castles stores the scores in sections. First 250 bytes are the last digits for all 250 scores, the next 250 bytes the middle digits, etc... Some use checksums like punch out. There are a few standard methods for storing data which you seem to have figured out, but on the whole I'd say about 20% of games require something unique.
  3. Yeah, homefront is pretty stable now, and things are going well. I need to jump back into this project at some point. I feel bad letting it go so long without updates. Hope life is going well for you as well. Nice to see you putting the hi score skills to good use with the pinball though! Grats! =D
  4. Well, the code doesn't hardcode what it supports, I took a look at the code and found it's in twincobr.cs. It would be a great idea to allow for automatic submission into the official hitotext.xml file. I had started an application that would do this for you to some degree, but never finished. I do continue to have an interest in HiToText, but another project has essentially taken up all of my time for the last year. I had worked on something called GHOST for a long time, and had a very selective alpha for it that did something like this. It utilized a different method for tracking scores to ensure cheating could not occur, but it ultimately failed because I realized my implementation was impossible or too restricting. This soured me on the project, and I continued with HiToText. I think that's a very cool idea, anything that lets you actually share those scores with friends is awesome in my opinion, and I'm freely allowing anyone to use any parts of HiToText to achieve whatever they want. Probably, yes. =) What's broken about it, I haven't checked it lately, but I do recall Donkey Kong has some strange top hi score properties.
  5. The code has been open source since Day 1. =) http://sourceforge.net/projects/hitotext/
  6. Resolved, at least for end-users.
  7. Not a big update or anything huge, but I've put HiToText up on Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hitotext/ I figured this might be an easier way to update the project than my current method. In the future, expect updates to be found there instead of linked off of my FTP.
  8. Small update to increase speeds, reduce confusion, and fix a bug with -lp (again). ------------------- Version 2010.8.24 ------------------- Bug Fixes: Fix to -lp command, it actually works in all known circumstances (so far). Fix to version checking of MAME, only used when necessary (so far just Track and Field).
  9. Big-ish update this time around. 21 new games thanks to bLAZER, and massive speed increases which reduce the HyperSpin hang-up, but don't remove it. As I mentioned earlier, without some changes to how HyperSpin access HiToText these hangups will certainly always be there. At the very least it's a "little less" jarring seeing the hi scores pop up with this new version. Additionally, as I can't figure out why chillinwater is having issues with the -lp command, I've put up a file: http://hitotext.com/HiToText/parents.txt that actually lists the parents for him to use for his HyperList lists. ------------------- Version 2010.8.16 ------------------- New Games: Crash, Orbitron, Sheriff, Water Ski, Logic Pro, The Tin Star, Enigma II, Hexa, Gee Bee, Paradise, Indian Battle, Red Clash, Super Bug, Targ, Spectar, Sasuke vs. Commander, Pisces, Killer Comet, Tank Battalion, Levers, Navarone (bLAZER) Bug Fixes: Fixed issue with alien3, rank display was incorrectly read as int instead of a hex int. tinstar2 added to hiscore.dat (clone of tinstar). enigma2a, and enigma2b added to hiscore.dat (clones of enigma2). geebeeb added to hiscore.dat (clone of geebee). targ and spectar split into separate parents. targc added to hiscore.dat (clone of targ). panzer, phantom, phantoma, and rallys added to hiscore.dat (clones of spectar). piscesb added to hiscore.dat (clone of pisces). New features: Massive speed increases for legacy calls using the command line. It's not quite as fast as legacy drivers were, but the difference is only about 10-50 ms. at most which is usually negligible.
  10. Sorry about that, I've fixed the links, some minor FTP issues. =)
  11. The first post should have all you need to get started.
  12. Made an update (finally, I know). With about 15 new games' support added, big thanks to bLAZER for 10 of them (and 2 ports from the old format to the XML format). Additionally, some minor bug fixes, and some additions/fixes to the hiscore.dat. ------------------- Version 2010.8.9 ------------------- New Games: Alien3: The Gun, Aliens, Alien Sector, The Alphax Z, Alpine Ski, Soldier Girl Amazon (Fyrecrypts) Bio Attack, Dommy, M-79 Ambush, Monte Carlo, Qwak, King & Balloon, Mermaid, The End, Snow Bros. 2 - With New Elves / Otenki Paradise (bLAZER) Bug Fixes: Fixed duplication of special mapping in Argus. hiscore.dat modified to have m660 clones of alphaxz hiscore.dat modified to fix amazon. Issue with relative path to file not working correctly. It is now. New features: Clone added to alphaxz (m660j). Long name clones added to altbeast. Clone changes and additions to invaders.
  13. No worries, I only brought it up because he was less likely to get help in this thread than elsewhere.
  14. Two things for you. HiToText does not support save states (yet), so you kinda have the wrong thread for that. Secondly, I see you've plastered your question in multiple locations and in doing so repeatedly bash this FE for not working correctly with what you want as opposed to asking in the appropriate location for help setting HyperSpin up. Numerous people have HyperSpin with Hyperlaunch working correctly with MAME and save states. The HyperSpin community is very helpful, so long as you're nice about it. Good luck!
  15. It is a known issue, and I can't solve it on my end despite my tries. Old versions of HiToText that are faster (less games, no XML parsing) cause the hiccup in Hyperspin 1.0+, and old versions of HyperSpin can run any version of HiToText without the hiccup. I need to talk to Bill about how to possibly fix this.
  16. In my sig. The link there is always going to have the most up-to-date files.
  17. It displays scores outside of MAME, so you can see them without entering the game. It's not redundant, but it may not be useful to you if you don't care about that. My plan when starting the project a couple of years ago was to be able to share scores with people not using your machine. It spun off into HiToText because people liked having the ability to view scores outside of MAME. I plan on utilizing it to show scores on a separate monitor in my cab (whenever I have time to build it. =D) If none of this is useful to you, I don't recommend using HiToText.
  18. There's a picture of what it looks like in HyperSpin (and other front ends) here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=83614.0 Also, you sound a little anxious, relax a little, it's just games. =)
  19. My sig has a link, I believe the initial post has a link as well. This application is not necessary to keep scores in MAME. It is only necessary for displaying these scores outside of MAME, in particular within HyperSpin.
  20. Your scores should save just fine, there might be an issue with using HyperLaunch for MAME still, not sure if that got patched up yet or not. But to display scores in Hyperspin you need the HiToText application in the HyperSpin directory.
  21. And new version out! This should allow BBB to fix the HS slowdown issues with HiToText. In addition, I think I've solved the issues with the -lp command, but let me know if it's still screwing up chillin. ------------------- Version 2010.5.12 ------------------- New Games: Air Duel, Airwolf, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (Fyrecrypts) Bug Fixes: Some fixes to the -lp flag, that should have it work for more (if not all) versions of MAME. The -v flag should work correctly now, the standalone version will need a full path to the mame folder. Added elevatorb clone to elevator in hiscore.dat Moved spcinv95 to the parent rom in hiscore.dat New features: Determine rank functions can now be custom functions that utilize the ConvertByteArrayToString methods and convert to int if no named ConvertByteArrayToInt exists. Essentially, lots of custom ConvertByteArrayToInt functions were being created that just called the ConvertByteArrayToString method, so I went ahead and put in a small routine to automatically do that for me. HiToText can now be run in continuous mode. All you do is shell the app, and it will ask for commands. The older functionality still exists so you can pass it command line arguments and it will behave the same. Two new flags have been created -h, and -q. -q will exit the application in continuous mode. -h will provide the help menu. For those of you compiling HiToText yourself, you will notice there are new environments for testing with debug flags associated with them. This makes testing much easier for me, as well as ensuring releases are already setup correctly. This has no effect on people who don't compile.
  22. I can't reproduce this, but I think I know where the problem was, and I have a fix in the works that will be released in the next version (some time next week probably).
  23. The new version doesn't have anything specific to output to a text file, but it is very easy at the command prompt. Use the > operator after that command, and then the filename. So HiToText -lp "C:\Emu\mame.exe" > "C:\parents.txt", and it will output everything to that file.
  24. Released a new version, one of the fixes is based on chillinwater's needs for determining supported games. Also included a new feature that should be handy for that as well. Enjoy! Version 2010.5.7 ------------------- New Games: Athena, Battle of Atlantis, Atomic Point, Aurail, Action Hollywood, A.D. 2083, Action Fighter, Agress, Air Attack, Air Buster: Trouble Specialty Raid Unit (Fyrecrypts) Bug Fixes: The -l flag now also lists games supported in the XML. Fixed the hiscore.dat entry for Action Fighter. New features: Added a new DisplayStructure/FieldName/ConversionType element built in function called TwoToThreeEncoding. It takes one parameter in parenthesis, the number of characters it needs to loop through before it increments the next character. Think of it like binary encoding, there are two values: 0, and 1. If you see a number 2 in decimal, it would be converted to 10 in binary. The same is essentially true for this function, a value of 32 means seeing 0x3981, converts to: 0x14, 0x12, 0x01 (Adding 64 to each byte gets us standard ASCII of: N-L-A). A good example of this can be seen in ad2083 for displaying the high score. Added a new SetStructure/FieldName/ConversionType element built in function called TwoToThreeEncoding. Similarly to above it takes the same parameter as above, but basically reverses the logic to create a 2 byte name from 3 characters. Added a new flag "-lp" that lists only the supported parent games. This requires another argument after the flag that is the full path to your mame.exe file (e.g. HiToText -lp "C:\Emulators\mame.exe". This may take a few minutes.
  25. No, but you do have to run the game at least once and exit normally to ensure the .hi (or .nv or both!) file gets generated. At that point HiToText running with HyperSpin should display scores over the themes. I know Bill has been busy with the new HyperTheme, however I believe after that he may take a look at more hi score functionality, including fixing that lag bug with 1.0+. Glad you enjoy HiToText. =)
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