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  1. Being it finally released or not, thank you for all the effort on working to provide the community such a great tool
  2. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. I will go for the CHD route.
  3. I have only come across to this problem on the PSX set. I have tried other sets (NES, SNES...) and they got rebuilt correctly. So I guess there is something additionally that needs to be done before rebuilding/scanning for the clrmamepro to identify the roms (the dumps are *.bin and *.cue in *.zip)
  4. Since most Hyperspin sets are not updated in PD since 2013-2014 and there are some important systems not uploaded (PSX), I am trying to rebuild my own sets from Hyperlist official XML and No-Intro/Redump/Trurip sets. I am examining the XML structure and I see that it only identifies the rom by its name, not by CRC cheksum or similar. But oddly enough, I load the XML into latest clrmamepro, point to full PSX redump (USA) source folder, press rebuild and get a: Source-Files: 1720 - now even counting files in archives - Analyzed Files: 10984 Created Files: 0 Matched Files: 0 Skipped Files: 10984 And it does nothing. Comparing manually the XML and the roms source folder, they seem to match the names (for example "1Xtreme (USA).zip" and "1Xtreme (USA)" ). What I am doing worng? Do I need to convert the XML to DAT so clrmamepro can read it correctly? Thanks in advance. Sony PlayStation.xml
  5. Looking forward to the final release. Keep up the good work!
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