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  2. There is also Tony's across the street there. They have great food for good prices. I ate there a few times when I was back in the area...always plenty of food to keep the gaming going strong.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. I (as we all probably have) grew up in the arcade and remember how much cash I put toward those things. The bezels do make it feel like the old machine. Right now i have probably 50 games in my Mame wheel and only about 60 to 70 percent have bezels. I am even looking for the artwork on the wheel for certain games. If I tried to build a machine for every game I have I would go broke!! Work at a school district and pay is not all that great because it seems life gets in the way with bills etc.... I have always struggled with bezels and love that they are there but did not know if I should go all in and just let the ones without work, or none at all in a generic cabinet. I am thinking of having them for the ones that have them. You know where i used to game there is a Arcade that was built not to far from where the arcade I used to go to once was. It is on Ogden Ave in Brookfield called Galloping Ghost Arcade. I wonder if they would allow someone to photograph the machines they have there and their bezels??? If you have not seen or heard of it here is the link: Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL I was there a few years ago and became a donor. The minute you walk into there it takes you back to when you were a kid and for the price of getting in is great 20 for all day so you can come and go as you please all day for that 20.... And yes I have seen the HyperMarquee Badboo and kinda expensive so gonna have to leave that one out. Thanks for the all the input on this for me. It does help. IdahoTech
  4. Hello Everyone, This is just a personal struggle for me and wonder what other people think about it. I want to create as close to the arcade as possible when I build my cabinet and get it all setup and running. My OCD moment is to have the bezels for some machiens and not others (since there are none for some) or no bezels at all?? I have the bezels downloaded and the ones that are there are great and make it look more authentic to when I grew up under the warmth of the arcade I used to go to..( it was hot even in winter). Some people I see have the bezels show up per game like I want and some dont have bezels. Fish or cut bait it what i feel this is like. Just wondering about others feelings on this issue....
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