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  1. Version 20101104


    Blue Glow - Atari 5200 - Letter Pack
  2. bLAZER

    NES Letter Pack

    Version 20101011


    NES Letter Pack-bLAZER This is complete, if you find numbers are missing it's because those numbers are not used in the database. Gigapig.
  3. Hi, no collection. I downloaded all demos from ftp://ftp.amigascne.org/pub/amiga/Groups/ and then chose a bunch from there. Unfortunately the files I renamed and created the videos and database from is lost due to a harddisk crash a while ago. So one have to gather all files and rename them again.

  4. Yeah, I fiddled with a bunch of games myself, and to me it seems kind of impossible to make a program to get the data automagically.
  5. No, this is for showing the highscores directly in Hyperspin without loading the game.
  6. OK, yeah it probably should run in it's own thread or have lower priority than the GUI.
  7. When HiTotext loads the score to show in Hyperspin, Hyperspin freezes for about 1 second, except the sound, is this normal? (Well, it shouldn't be)
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