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  1. Alright started foolin around with Kega Fusion, HyperSpin and this hack and I believe that i can confirm that "special case parameters" or settings are in place on the Fusion module for this hack. I started by just launching the rom set to Fusion module from RlauncherUI and the result was a black screen. When I attempt to Load the "bin" rom file of the hack it loads fine directly from Kega Fusion emulator, yet when I try to load the .cue of the custom soundtrack, loading it directly after loading the rom bin, which is the steps given in the manual that came compressed in the hacks zip. Doing this, I again get a black screen. This leads me to the conclusion that the fusion module is in fact attempting the proper load process for this hack yet hanging in the same area as loading the hack step by step directly thru the Kega Fusion emulator. I am currently trying to configure this on a windows 7 Gateway FX laptop which I am making an attempt to dedicate to HyperSpin and emulation. I have also tried direct copies of the same configuration without the use of HyperSpin and RlauncherUI on a Windows 8.1 system (Loading from Kega Fusion directly) and aside from not being able to achieve proper fullscreen play (another issue for another time), the hack and the soundtrack work and play perfectly. So now I was wondering how to overcome the "black screen roadblock" on a windows 7 pc?
  2. Awesome zerojay. ill give her another go over the weekend as well... maybe i missed something. Ill update with my findings and hopefully i can help clarify whether or not the rom launches successfully under special case parameters.
  3. Greetings HyperSpinners! First off... I have tinkered with a couple of HyperSpin setups on and off the past few years, to mostly successful results due to my shameful trolling of this forum. My approach on applications has always been read, read! and READ MORE! Then attempting to apply gained knowledge and learning by trying to fill in the "blanks" myself before asking questions.So I've been around here for a while and apologize for nobody knowing that but me. Now on to the topic at hand... which would be my first on this forum! I have manually been playing the Russian Megadrive Rock n Roll Racing v15 hack through Kega Fusion since i caught wind of it I want to say nearly 4 years ago, creating my own custom soundtracks to enhance the playing experience and nothing compares.... I now have a hard time playing my favorite and beloved 16bit era "battle racer" without it! I had made a preliminary attempt at setting up and launching this hack within HyperSpin once before a couple of years ago. Determining shortly after that a modification to HyperSpins Fusion module woul be required, which has been a bit of a roadblock for me because as of now, I dont have a lot of experience in AHK and am pretty "green" when it comes to coding. I have recently stumbled upon a topic opened by "leostrife" a couple of years ago and i believe zerojay had once successfully achieved launching this hack with CD audio within HyperSpin using a modified Fusion module, resparking my interest in such a configuration. At one point i believe zerojay did in fact make this modded module available for download, yet i stumbled upon the aforementioned topic 2 years too late. Now the module in question is no longer available for download. My question is, has anyone else had any experience with launching this hack within HyperSpin? Perhaps someone can give me the blueprint on how to modify the module myself? (would be awesome for the learning experience). Or perhaps someone has the aforementioned modded Fusion module somewhere on file? Heres the link to the original Topic started by "leostrife" with info and video on the romhack along with a little confirmation that mr zerojay inddeed has been able to make this work.... http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/6159-rock-n-roll-racing-sega-mega-drive-cd/ Thanks to you all in advance!
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