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  1. sneakily1


  2. Sorry for not getting back to ya sooner, I haven't been on this forum in ages. I was (and am still using) MESSUI v 0.135 hope that helps

  3. hey dude, I haven't been around here in ages because I've been busy with my own sites and forum, I'll upload the themes to a permanent link via my site and PM you so you can do whatever with them. Sorry for just now getting back to ya

  4. Could you also please upload Bloodstorm as well? Thanks, Lance

  5. Hi. I am back from a long absence and am looking to review and approve some themes. I noticed that you uploaded NFL Blitz December 2009 and it is still unapproved. The link for the file appears not be working. Can you reupload so I can approve it?



  6. hi,

    i saw in a post of yours that you are using MESS to run atari jaguar. which version of mess are you running? every version i've tried starts with the red screen that says this emulator is not working.

    thanks for your help, tony

  7. Dude the laminate for the CP is AWESOME! I can't wait to see what else you do with this thing!
  8. sneakily1

    Seriously !

    Just read all of Chillinwater's hard work...if you can't figure out what to do from there, then you're probably better off waiting until the new version comes out. The main reason I love HS is because after months of configuring and various problems and frustrations...I've learned the in's and out's of it. Every day I learn something new, and the possibilities and combinations are limitless. It's very similar to my experimentation with a Linux operating system (NOT Ubuntu...it hardly qualifies)...you're only going to get out of it what you put into it. Hyperspin is a killer program with amazing scripting and artwork designed by the users for the users...and after trying every retarded (Sarah Palin is going to hate me for that one) front-end out there, Hyperspin is simply BADASS and worth every long hour you put into searching the forums and configuring it to your own personal wants/needs. Every person on here had to be (and still is) intimidated and/or overwhelmed at some point, and understands the headaches...but we are also more than willing to take what little free time we have to help new people discover Hyperspin. Set some time each day, and tackle one emulator at a time...and eventually you'll get it.
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