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  1. Yeah I wouldn't think you would with a card like that Cheers for that, will take a look at the settings so. Even at that though, would it be fair to say if I'm having trouble running the likes of SF2 then even with a change to settings, my gfx card hasn't got much left in reserves & I should prob look at upgrading it?
  2. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has any advice re running Mame64 with HLSL enabled. I have it working, but when the effect is turned on, it's crippling the performance of Mame. Everything is perfect with HLSL switched off. Specs are: Core2Duo 2.8Ghz 4GB DDR2 Ram X1650 Pro I see that the X1300/1900 cards are mentioned as not being able to run HLSL without severe frame-skipping, & that's fine, I'll upgrade the card. The problem is I don't know what level of card I need to be able to run HLSL properly? I don't want to spend money on something to discover it's not good enough etc. I'm looking now at a 1GB GDDR5 HD6670...would that be up to the job? Or if anyone else has any advice re gpu's, it'd be great. Cheers
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