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  1. That's cool Brolly. If you give me the general layout and maybe one example of how we were doing other controllers ill make a lynx one and I'll then use it to make a list of controls for all the games. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to set up a couple of emulators and then work on some hyperspin control layouts for some Atari Lynx games, was just wondering if we still had a general layout of what the controls would be, and if so what they are? thanks
  3. Djvj, should we also add a new forum for Hyperlaunch media, or should all that media just go under media. Currently media looks for carts and cd's and cassettes. Having a Hyperlaunch folder would make things a lot clearer.
  4. I will start on what ever system you want. I will happily jump on the Atari Lynx as that was my first ever video game system. Its small, and can help me iron out kinks on things before moving onto bigger systems.
  5. Hey guys, good to see the project move to here. I will love to help with HyperPause. I feel thats probably the best place for my contribution and then also some videos. Please just let me know.
  6. I love your HyperSpin Media Centre, awesome stuff. Will it be released to the public?

  7. I have made a gold donation and would like to request an FTP account if that is alright. Also, if you could send me a copy of the basic instructions for hyperspin that were on the wiki that is down that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything.

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