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  1. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    Cabs looking tops now Chris love the black lockbar finishes it off nicely. Nice work with the high res backglass also
  2. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    Awesome idea mate
  3. kurt

    Mini-Pin X Build

    what type of sound card are you using if any?
  4. kurt

    Mini-Pin X Build

    running the cab for long periods of time.
  5. kurt

    Mini-Pin X Build

    Most probably lcd's put out alot of hot ambient air. Was this the first time you have given the cab a hiding?
  6. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    I bought my leaf switch holders from these guys they shipped really fast and to my surprise they came with leaf switches.
  7. kurt

    HyperPin Logo

    Just save it as a .bmp rather then a .png
  8. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    I'm going to install a buttkicker in mine rather then spend heaps on a speaker system.
  9. kurt

    Mini-Pin X Build

    Came up great i think you cant even notice the LCD not beeing 100% centered, nice job.
  10. kurt

    Mini-Pin X Build

    There are agents that can get scratches out of plexi but i think it involves sanding and buffing depending on the scratch. Cab looks nice with plexiglass, well done.
  11. kurt

    Mini-Pin X Build

    Artwork looks good, I would have a go at pulling the case off the LCD because its a monitor it uses clips along the outside endge with a small flathead screw driver and some tough love you can get it off pretty easy.
  12. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    Looks cool I like the yellow also stands out nicely.
  13. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    Bossgp: australia.rs-online.com product search for 3RH1 Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Dan,

    Did you have to do anything to the face of the cab to mount the lockdown bar?

    I have the same one but in a widebody and im not sure how to mount it.



  15. kurt

    46" / 30" / 19" widebody cabinet

    It does look very nice in black but it also draws you're eyes to the siderails abit. I got black powder coated legs and they look heaps nicer then chromed ones i think. Nice find with the gun assembly.