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  1. Thanks 32assassin. I think I may have used this program the last time I made the list, I seem to remember having to find the controls.xml and catver files. Anyhow, the program is crashing every time I try to merge the files together. You wouldn't happen to have a completed xml for .188 would you? Or at least something close. Thanks edit: Apparently in the hyperbase section of the forum there is a complete .188 list with all relevant information included. However, Don's tools appears to not be reading the controller type, number of players, etc.
  2. I recall I used Don's hyperfilter to sort through games that were Working, and used the controls I have available... but now for the life of me I can't figure out how to get a list that actually has this information so I can sort it. No XML file I found has the Status marker in the info, or number of players, or anything of that sort. I can't create a mamelist.xml because it just doesn't seem to want to work, creates a 0 byte file. I'm not even sure I need a mamelist.xml.. is that the same as MAME.xml that goes into the hyperspin database? I upgraded from .172 to .188 and I wanted to create a new list of games. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Yep. This worked well since I didn't have the correct nameset. I didn't know it would auto move all the files for me, never had to use dons rom renamer. Thanks
  4. I have an SNES rom pack and theres several editions of each game for language, versions, etc... i obviously don't need them all, is there a way to delete them via software? Second question: anyone using retroarch, is it possible to have the program scan subfolders for games?
  5. its a known glitch, i was having issues with it too... The solution, download the EMUMovies downloader and I think you just need to link it to your rom folder and tell it to download all the mame videos. It should download them all and appropriately name them. Also tell it your download folder or wtvr is c:/hyperspin/media or wherever your media folder is.
  6. My first thought here is to just custom map controls for each fighting game you play... Meaning, you have your General player 1, 2, 3, 4 controls in your 456,123 layout... when you play a game, say street fighter, setup controls for the current game only. press tab, click on "Control (this game)", it will setup special controls just for that game only.
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