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  1. Downloaded and set it up myself, from scratch.
  2. I'm looking to understand why this happens. A couple of things I see The way Hyperspin hooks the keyboard The update server seems to modify existing DLL's The call-homes are also interesting.
  3. This just happened to me today. Frustrating..
  4. eezetee


  5. eezetee

    Which mini PC?

    Guess the pic didn't work
  6. eezetee

    Which mini PC?

    Guess the pic didn't work
  7. eezetee

    Which mini PC?

    I built an i7 into this bartop. Then I swapped it out for a Dell 3043 touch screen which works perfect (although less of a performer than the i7)
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. Indeed I had the trackball enabled to control HyperHQ. Turned that off and everything is working fine.
  9. Hi Guys. Reluctant to move toe 1.4 since everything is work. Same thing goes with RL. I'll check to make sure Mouse/Trackball are not setup as inputs. Will report back
  10. I've transplanted my system into a new cabinet. Not sure what's going on by the main menu upon start just starts scrolling and won't stop until I move the trackball or push some buttons. It's the weirdest thing. It's as if a button is stuck or something leaning on the up or down arrow. Does anyone know of a utility that I can see exactly what is being sent to the computer as keystrokes, joystick, trackball movements?
  11. So what is it that I donated for aside from the privilege of being recognized by the forum as a supporter and hoping that'll help get my questions answered faster.
  12. The Hadoken sound and others could be default sounds as you use the joystick up and down. Try searching in the media folder and try to find those sounds.
  13. Watching this thread like a <insert joke here> All really good information thus far
  14. I believe I've found the issue and it's with Jriver which is my jukebox/media streaming software. Will have to test further but I've been able to replicate the problem twice.
  15. With the help of the forum I was able to get my first system setup (Gorilla Cab, which is going to be torn down due to sheer ugliness) and new Kong-Cab built ( a bartop 2 player cab) which also has a jukebox (JRiver) application installed. My question is this This system is a touchscreen Dell machine and when I play a game in MAME, the other function keys such as ESC stop working in Hyperspin. I can no longer use up/down with the joystick to cycle through the games. It's as if I cannot restore focus to Hyperspin despite it being the main screen. Looked over a few threads but I cannot find any reason why this would happend. Windows 8.1 if it helps
  16. While I appreciate helping those who purchased ready made options and expected their purchase to work, i'm wondering if the forums would be better with some "funded" approach for support. Some people are making a <insert local grammar here> load of money selling drives and the team here supports them and for what? Most (not all) of the posters are one hit wonders.
  17. It's hard to thing how much better this system can be as it is already a wonderful piece of work. Good luck to BBB and the dev team. May all your functions return the require results.
  18. Can grab the Hyperlist XML here and find the rom name and copy hte game name http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/
  19. eezetee

    Its Dead Jim.

    What happened to to the drive. There are recovery services you can hire if the mechanics are dead. If it's spindle problem they could still recover. What's teh value of your time is really the question
  20. Rather than getting Hyperspin to do it, why not just lock Windows. That would be much easier IMO.
  21. Could you try something. Can you unplug the spinner, trackball and all the other devices and just restart with the guns plugged in. I had a similar issue and it was related to the USB arbitrator not assigned (or sometimes assigning) ID's to my xbox controllers. Once i went to Wifi with a single USB controller hub the problem went away.
  22. Maybe i'm misunderstanding the request but in order to separate the games into the respective publishers, we'd think we'd be able to play them. Without a proper method of using xpadder/joy2key profiles with c64/spectrum (another thread) wouldn't this really just be putting the cart before the horse? Ie we can sort them, but can't play them
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