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  2. Hey Blur - I know it's possible to use different versions of the VP executable but wasn't sure about FP? As always - thanks!
  3. Great idea. I created a file with these key remappings in it: RControl::Enter LControl::Enter Enter::down 5::1 1::s Compiled it and then ran the game outside of HyperPin using the cabinet buttons. It worked perfectly. There is something amiss in either the FPLAUNCH file or in HyperPin itself. Not sure what to do next but it feels good to at least be narrowing it down some.
  4. Thanks for validating. Are the keys mapped in the order that they appear in the download of fplaunch then? And do you use an ipac2? Would hyperpin have anything to do with this at all? There *has* to be something I am missing and it's in the way that fplaunch is remapping the keys. On my cab, Big Score is confused about something. Perhaps it is Windows 7 64 bit? Grasping at straws I know ....
  5. The Big Score functionality problem is definitely in either HyperPin or fplaunch. If I load the table outside of those, it works fine (using the keys on the cabinet that correspond to the default keys in the game). It just never loads the ball in HyperPin/fplaunch even though the game is sitting there waiting for the game to start (and DMD reads 0, etc). Strange.
  6. Thanks blur. I know this feature isn't something that you spent much time on and that's cool. It's great that this is in there at all . Yeah I did select the player and press enter but the ball never loads. I am next going to try your suggestion using the '~' to have the enter key do double duty and see if that helps at all.
  7. There is definitely something wrong with this script as it relates to Big Score. I can get the game to load, the coin and start remappings work, but I was getting erratic behavior using the right and left ctrl keys being remapped to enter. I do have a button on the cab mapped to the '2' key so I mapped that to enter instead (and commented out the right and left ctrl keys and recompiled) to see if it was just the ctrl keys that created the problem. I did get farther in the game, up to the point of starting the game but the ball never does load. The table is just stuck on start waiting to plunge the ball but the ball isn't there. The game works perfectly fine when launched natively. Any ideas?
  8. You have a valid point blur. FP actually completely exits upon exiting a table and going back to Hyperpin right?
  9. I only ran across one question/problem so far that hopefully someone can help with: I have the hotkey application itself installed and I created a executable (plaved in my startup folder so it would be alive all the time) that essentially allows me to re-start Hyperpin upon a few button presses on my cab (left ctrl + G actually). The reason I did this was becaue some of the heavy hitter FP tables like Three Angels hogs memory and won't give it back. Eventually a table will open up that won't have any textures showing and when it does that I wanted to exit HyperPin (release the memory) and reopen it with an easy button stroke like I mention above. The problem though is that this creates problems with HyperPin itself when I exit tables that I am playing in HyperPin. There are times when I will exit a table and I will see a large empty window over HyperPin and in the title bar it is referencing the hotkey program I compiled and put in my startup folder. I can esc out of that and the window will disappear and HyperPin works fine but obviously I don't want to do that. Any ideas? Perhaps there is another 'hot key' like program that will do something similar. I do know I need something because there are times when I need to restart HyperPin for whatever reason. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks man - much appreciated. Gonna go fire it up this afternoon .
  11. When I try to download I get this: The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. I will try and figure out how to compile.
  12. So this is not available to download anywhere yet blur? I am using an older version of fplaunch and I am getting hangs, popup text box windows popping open when exiting a game, etc. I think I should probably just go to the latest and greatest version and give it a go.
  13. A quick question - when loading FP, there is quite a few artifacts that will pop up along the way to loading. Bigboss had a loading screen in a custom version of his ahk file that was a full 1920 X 1080 and I assume that was to cover the entire screen while it loaded. What would I need to change in the 1.294 script to use a graphic that size versus the loading graphic that comes with the 1.294 zip file (it is 193 x 770). I am not a script guy so if I tried this myself I know I would hork it up bad. Thanks for any help. Jeff
  14. Here is mine (a 1978 Bally EM restoration): http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12287
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