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  1. Sweet that makes a lot of sense.. thanks a lot guys!
  2. Hey guys! I'm working on getting everything needed to build my cabinet and was just stuck on once piece of the puzzle. I'm not too sure how the wiring of the internals should work if i want to connect the bartop to the wall outlet using a single plug. I mean i know i could use a power bar and have a switch in the back to turn it on and off, but i dont think constantly cutting the power to my internal PC and monitor would play out too well in the long run. As well, I've been looking for methods on mounting the motherboard inside my cabinet on the threads but couldn't find anything concrete. I know the board has to get in there somehow but i'm not sure how exactly. Like do i just screw it into the base of the cab, or do i attach it to a metal case then place the case on the bottom. I know my question's pretty vague but anything helps.. THANK YOUU
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